Basic Sculpting System: Abs, Back, Biceps

Cory Everson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Abs/Core , Upper Body Strength

These two tapes provide straightforward gym-style workouts filled with the classic upper body exercises. Yes, the soundtrack is insipid and the production set is drab. It's a cheap production. This is as far away from a FIRM production as I can imagine. Still, I consider this set to be among the finest upper body strength tapes available. These two videos cost me a grand total of $16, combined! Though each of these tapes can stand alone and qualify as excellent upper body workouts, I often combine these two tapes for a tough workout, skipping the abs (here? blech!). My arms feel totally pumped up afterward.

If you find, as I do, that you get more significant strength gains through split training (upper body one day, lower body the next), then you really should consider putting these tapes in your rotation. My only regret is that I didn't have these tapes when I was starting out. Each provides a clear and simple introduction to classic weight training exercises.

One caveat: If you insist on great ab work, you won't be happy with the Abs, Back and Biceps tape. Just regard this as an upper body tape.

NOTES: I like Cory very much. She's encouraging, and down-to-earth. My only wish is that she would produce more weight training tapes like this. These were made in 1995. She deserves a higher-quality production than this, too.

Michelle Easton