Basic Sculpting System: Abs, Back, Biceps

Cory Everson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Abs/Core , Upper Body Strength

This review is for all three of Cory's Basic Sculpting System:

  • Back Biceps and Abs
  • Chest Shoulders and Triceps
  • Calves Hips and Thighs
Content of the videos are described pretty well above. So...

What's good:

This is thorough, and it allows you to start rotating body parts if you don't feel like doing your routines to the radio, since I doubt there are many others like this set (other than Cathe's upcoming series). Another good thing is she slows down the reps and you can go much heavier than in GHAS-- I always feel like she's speeding through that one.

These are short enough that you can tack them on at the end of a cardio workout.

Finally, Cory is motivating. I feel like these workouts are actually meant to build muscle-- not provide a little wimpy weight work for people who do it just because they know they should. I still prefer Cathe's weight work, but these are good. I found my set of three (pretty lucky!) at GNC for $9.99 each.

What's bad:

The set and outfits are pretty dated-looking (even though this was made in 1995). The saddest part is the music. It's so quiet and Muzak-like. Not too likely to get the testosterone flowing. :)

I'd like it if she'd add a few more sets.

In the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps tape, she's tacked on an unmentioned few sets of ab work that definitely aren't worth doing, but that makes the workout even quicker if you choose to skip that part.

Overall I'd recommend these videos if you're looking to shake up your routine by splitting up your body parts or if you're sick of choreographed stuff like the FIRM-- this is strictly gym-style.

Grade: B+/A-

P.S.-- These aren't available from Collage, but I noticed that at, you can buy them for only $6.99 each! That's well worth it.

Instructor Comments:
Cory isn't nearly as annoying in this video as she is in Get Hard Arms and Shoulders. There's still the obligatory talk about looking sexy on the beach and what men like, but it's taken down a notch. In fact, she makes some pretty funny jokes from time to time.

Sara Whitney