Giselle ABCDs for Total Body Fitness

Giselle Roque deEscobar
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I like this one. You can choose between a 17-minute abs & glutes toning workout, a 26-minute total body toning workout, a 33-minute latin-flavored cardio workout, a 15-minute stretching workout or a customized workout featuring: upper body & stretch, lower body & stretch, abs & stretch or express workout.

I like the set. It's clean looking - white with white cloth hanging from the ceiling that casts shadows on the back wall. The participants in each segment are wearing color coordinated outfits and during each segment the screen is framed in the dominant color of that segment that floats along the top and bottom of the screen.

The set is particularly relaxing during the stretch segment. The only participants are Giselle and a single male background exerciser and the music is provided by a pianist on set playing a white piano. The set is awash in glowing white candles. Very pretty and very relaxing. The stretches are very basic and done slowly.

The toning segments and the cardio segment are fairly basic - nothing new or surprising here. They also will probably not appeal to the more advanced exerciser as the choreography is basic, the segments are short and 3 to 5 lb. weights are suggested.

The cardio segment definitely has a latin flavor to it, but I thought it was more fun than most of the latin workouts I have tried. It is mostly low impact with basic choreography.

Instructor Comments:
Giselle is pleasant and friendly and seems to be enjoying herself during the segments. She does seem to get a little confused with the counting from time to time.