Sesame Street
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Children and Teens

I thought this video would be the perfect first exercise tape for my son Lucas, who's almost a year and a half. He may be a little younger than the target demographic, but he adores Elmo, so I traded for this one on the exchange.

My son enjoys the video a lot, particularly the Benny Hop, but like a few of the other tots whose moms have reviewed this video, he loses interest in the non-Muppet segments. I can't say he really "exercises" to it yet, but as I said, he's a little too young to understand the point.

I also have to review this one from the parent's perspective, however, and I'm afraid I found it lacking. Sesame Street has produced some fabulous kids videos with great writing and catchy songs that kids and parents can listen to over and over and not get (too) sick of. Alas, Elmocize isn't one of them. The writing didn't have the usual sparkle--where are all of Elmo's cute little puns and one-liners that make his squeaky voice bearable to the parents?-- and the music ranged from uninspired to cringe-worthy.

As long as my little guy likes this one, it will have a place on my shelf, but as soon as he tires of it, it's outta here!