Sesame Street
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Children and Teens

I have a two-year-old, and thought that Elmocize would keep her busy while I worked out to my own tapes. That hasn't quite been the case. Plot for Elmocize: Elmo and his friends try to get Monte interested in exercise because it will make him feel good. There are segments on bending, stretching, and hopping, and there is a segment that is done from a chair (Tara from the regular Sesame Street is included throughout the tape in her wheelchair). My daughter loses interest in the segments that don't actually have muppets in them, particularly those segments without Elmo. She loves the rest of the tape, but comes looking for me when the scene is sans-Elmo, so it doesn't do the trick of keeping her busy when I am working out. She doesn't like the parts of Sesame Street without muppets, either, so that may be a good indicator for interest level in Elmocize for your own child. My daughter loves, loves, loves doing Elmocize with me, but then she loves doing any exercise tape with me (she is so cute doing little baby squats when I try to do the Firm with her around!) All in all, it is a cute tape with a really positive message about how great it feels to be fit and strong, and about how much fun finess is. As if that wasn't enough, Elmocize is absolutely charming for parents. This tape will not annoy you, I promise. And this is from a mother who loves Sesame Street, but is easily annoyed with other children's programming.