Celtic Feet

Colin Dunne
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Instructional / How To Videos

This was the first Irish dance tape I purchased several years ago. I wanted to like it but I was disappointed. Colin teaches a group of dancers (in white t-shirts and black pants or skirts, depending on gender) who are on stage at a pub or tavern.
The first few minutes of instruction in the basic steps was easy but I found the instruction of the three routines themselves to be very difficult, very fast with little repetition so you can learn the steps. Perhaps now that I've done Irish Dancing Made Easy or Irish Dancing Step by Step (reviews for which I've also submitted), this tape will be easier but it's definitely not for beginners. It is fun to watch, though and the music is very good.

Instructor Comments:
Apparently Dunne was a star of River Dance (whether before, after or during Michael Flatley's reign I don't know). He is very personable and relaxed.

Laura B