Ginette Deslauriers
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

About me: I generally consider myself an advanced exerciser in that I can do high-intensity, high-impact moves; have a lot of endurance and flexibility. Recently, Iíve been having problems with my joints.

I bought this workout because I needed something that was low-impact (or easily modifiable to low-impact) but high-intensity. As other reviewers have mentioned, there is a LOT of marching in place. In between the marching are relatively short martial arts-style combos, but this is definitely not a pure kickboxing workout.

I did the warm-up and about 10 minutes of the workout, then took it out of the player and put it in my trade pile. I decided there was too much marching and the moves in between were often too high-impact for me (scissor kicks, plyometric jumps, etc). If I modified, I ended up with a boring workout. If I didnít modify, my knees started screaming at me.

I think even if my knees were up to it, I wouldnít enjoy this workout because of all the marching. Maybe thereís less marching later in the workout, but the first 15 minutes were so full of marching that I didnít feel like trying the rest.

In summary, this workout is unusual, but doesnít make the most of your time and is not very interesting if you want or need to modify high-impact moves.

Instructor Comments:
Ginette is very energetic. She has a slight accent, which surprised me. She also looked a little older than I expected, but this is completely irrelevant to the workout. Her cues were a little unclear, but once I saw the moves I was able to follow easily. Ginette and her background exercisers were wearing baggy pants and tank tops, which were sort of a nice change from overly (and sometimes pointlessly) revealing workout attire.