Ginette Deslauriers
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This video features a martial arts inspired cardio workout unlike any I have tried before (except for Urban Tai Chi, Ginette's other CIA video from this year). It lasts about 50 minutes total and consists of a 7 minute warmup, 35 minutes of cardio and 8 minutes of core conditioning and cool-down. I used it as an easier workout the day after intense cardio, but you could easily up the intensity by making larger movements.

Ginette is working out with two others, Fred and Isabella, who were also in Urban Tai Chi. They wore white tank tops with baggy black pants. The music was instrumental techno and not very noticeable.

I hope someone else gave the breakdown because I don't remember too much. There were five combos which increased in complexity, and the fifth combo was just basic kicks and lunges. There was no TIFTing at all. You learned the combo on one side, repeated on the other side, and moved on. The core conditioning was all standing and you could use weighted balls (I substituted 2-1/2 lb weight plates).

This was different from most kickboxing workouts I have tried. The punching was not boxing style (i.e. jab, cross, hook and upper cut) but rather karate style, where you pull one fist back and down to your waist while the other arm punches. And along with punches there were a variety of blocks, strikes, and other cool arm movements where you move them in circles. I liked that there was a lot of emphasis on lower body moves. Ginette taught many kind of squats, including sumo squats and side squats with a block. As for kicks, there were front, side, crescent, back hook, and roundhouses incorporated into the combos. For the most part this was low impact except for some jumping jacks, running and hops,which could easily be modified. There was a lot of marching in between but I didn't mind because it provided a nice break after the more intense sections. Fred demonstrated beginner modifications, such as knees instead of extended kicks.

For the most part the combos were not too complex, although some of the latter ones went very quickly and I probably should have rewound to learn them better. I think it would help to have some experience with kickboxing or martial arts since Ginette doesn't really teach technique or form.

This workout felt very "Eastern" to me. Maybe it was the outfits and the Asian background exerciser, or maybe it was the moves. I enjoyed this more than Urban Tai Chi and I felt like I was in Kung Fu theater doing some of the arm movements and kicks. Overall a nice change of pace.

Caroline Kim