Just Pump I.T.

Troy Demond, Connie Love
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Shoot outdoor on a golf course at the Dunes Country Club in Sanibel Florida.
-Pre Aerobic Warmup
-6 interval training circuit using the Spri tubing. Troy shows you how to use do the exercise using the tubing at the beginning.
1. Shoulder Press/Power Side-Right
2. Shoulder Press/Power Side-Left
3. Chest Cross/ Power Squat
4. Lat Pulldown/ Power Lunge
5. Uprigth Row /Power Scalve Raise
6. Bicep-Tricep/Power Side
The cardio sessions progress in intensity but they are basic moves.
-Post Aerobic Phase Cooldown & -Stretch.
-Abdominal Workout
-Super Stretch

Modified version are shown through out by either Troy or Connie.

The music is different for each workout cardio or strength.

Will rate high beginner/low intermediate. Workout is about 49 minutes long.

Instructor Comments:
They work well together and have good cueing. Seem to be having fun.