Yoga for Round Bodies, Volume 2

Linda Demarco, Genia Pauli Haddon
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Yoga

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I previewed this video tonight. Unfortunately, I bought this tape used, and this copy is defective, so the sound is very bad, with an annoying static crackling throughout. But I watched and listened to enough, to get a general impression.

On the cover it states: ďFor your safety please become comfortable with the Introduction to Kripalu Yoga on Volume I before beginning this program. So if you are a round or out-of-shape person who has not done yoga before, its probably best to start with that one first.

The format is 3 separate 30 minute lessons, each starting and ending with a seated meditation, and gentle warm-up stretches before the poses. They are increasingly challenging. Some of the poses are:

1. Spinal twist, yoga mudra, half moon.
2. Forward bend, Stance of Courage 1 & 2 (Warrior)
3. Bridge, Tent (downward facing dog), Kneedown twist

Being an Iyengar yoga student, I am biased here, but I think they could have used more props, to make some of the poses more do-able, example sitting on a blanket for forward bend, a block under the sacrum for bridge, a chair for the downward facing dog. But I think itís a gentle and safe workout, with good form pointers, and is an good alternative if you donít have access to a live class.

Instructor Comments:
Linda and Genia, Certified Kripalu Yoga teachers, co-teach the video, and their instruction and demonstrations alternate smoothly between them. They both have calm and pleasant voices, there is no background music. Yes, they both have round bodies, but seem comfortable in them, and I think they are good role models. They are neatly dressed in sweat pants and t-shirts, and socks and on a carpeted floor (no yoga mats). One of them wears glasses, which I realized you seldom see in videos.

Katie W