Yoga For Weight Loss

Suzanne Deason
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Yoga

I've been practicing yoga at home with videos just under a year, and this tape has quickly become one of my favorites. It provides a gentle yoga workout for your entire body, with a particular focus on your breathing. The older yet very spry instructor, Suzanne Deason, stresses the importance of the mind-body connection without getting into new-age or Eastern philosophy. Suzanne's voice is calm and her body both strong and limber. She is accompanied by three yoga students, two of whom are larger-sized. Each of the three models shows a different level of modifications, from slightly to completely modified. I particularly liked how the two larger models displayed the more flexible versions of the poses, showing that all the poses can be done by anyone, regardless of body type. The greater the modifications, the more props required, but as a beginner with only minimal flexiblity, I could perform the slightly modified version, which required only single yoga block (a sturdy book could be subsituted). I still enjoy this tape now that I've been doing it for awhile; it's both relaxing and energizing. More advanced yoga students may find the tape to be too slow and the moves to be too easy, but that's exactly what I like about it. I've heard that the DVD version is even better, as it lets you focus in on whoever is doing your particular modifications, but the VHS version has worked fine for me.

Instructor Comments:
Suzanne is a very good instructor. Her voice, with its slight midwestern accent, is pleasantly mellow, and she offers great cuing and instruction for the poses.

Beth C (aka toaster)