Yoga For Weight Loss

Suzanne Deason
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Yoga

Finally, a yoga workout that I'm really happy about!

The DVD version is extra nice because you can choose from four levels of modifications. I chose the fully modified version to start with since most yoga workouts are too hard for me. Using modifications and props, I can do EVERYTHING without undue strain or shaking. If you need more help with a pose, you can click your remote to get more detailed instruction, then return to where you were in the workout. This production makes good use of DVD's advantages.

It will be a long time before I tire of this DVD since I'll gradually move up through the other 3 levels. Gain without pain!

The exercises themselves are nothing unusual. And as you might surmise, this workout is no more likely to facilitate weight loss than any other yoga practice. But the pace was enough to make me breathe deeply and it is pleasant to do.

As always, the scenery (this time in Sedona, AZ) is gorgeous and the DVD is well-produced.