Crunch: Fat Blaster Goes Latin

Gloria Quinlan
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I was pleasantly surprised by this old Crunch dance video. It actually make me sweat and feel good, and got up to a good intermediate level of intensity.

Yes, there is the requisite Crunch-girl whooping but I was having such a good time I almost felt like whooping too. Gloria has about four sections of combos. The first two are beginning-level, but by the last two you are definitely working. I have terrible short-term memory about combos but there are mambos, chasses, step touch forwards, V-steps, the samba fast footwork there!) and triple steps. You can shake and shimmy your torso and butt at your own discretion without being "forced" to (hurray!).

Basically it's like a lot of standard hi-lo moves (and the samba) mixed into interesting combinations, with simple but stylish arm movements and the occasional dramatic toss of the head.

Definitely more interesting, doable and intense than so many of the "latin dance' workouts coming out today.

Instructor Comments:
I really liked how she balances a crisp instructor style with the "let it go" exhortations. She doesn't go overboard in being perky or gung-ho or urging you to be sexy and shake it. Cuing was a wee bit late on some moves but overall extremely competent.