Crunch: Fat Blaster Goes Latin

Gloria Quinlan
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

As others have noted, this is a fine 30 minute intermediate cardio, good for shorter sessions or light days for intermediate or int-adv exercisers. It would also be a good choice for those who have been working out with Kathy Smith's Latin Rhythms and want to advance.

I like the choreography very much in this workout and I like Gloria as an instructor. But I had to trade this video because the background exercisers were so incredibly distracting and annoying. It's hard to know where to begin. Their costumes (terry cloth and velour suits)? Their constant whoops and hollers and shrieks? Their hamming for the camera? One of the women is so busy looking around for the camera and grinning madly into it that she can barely follow Gloria. I accept that the job of the background exerciser is to look happy and pert throughout the workout, but these women are so happy they look crazed. I find it very disconcerting. Moreover, they just don't move like Gloria. She is precise and elegant and graceful; the background exercisers generally flail about through the moves much as I imagine I myself do. But all this I could overlook if they just wouldn't whoop so much.

Still, for those who aren't bothered by things like this, I would certainly recommend this tape.

Instructor Comments:
Gloria is a wonderful dancer; she moves so effortlessly through these steps that you can't help but want to imitate her. Her instruction is of the watch and learn variety. She's very good about cueing you about an upcoming change. Her manner is extremely enthusiastic and motivating.