Crunch: Fat Blaster Goes Latin

Gloria Quinlan
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This tape is only 30 mins, so it's more action and less instruction/talking. I previewed this tape and thought it was whack at first, but after doing the tape once, it was so much fun, I rewinded it and did it over again. I love this tape because it's rare to find a latin workout tape that has samba. This tape combines aeorbics w/ samba, mambo, cha-cha, and merengue moves. I was surprised by the way she breaks down each move into simpler mini-steps and then when you get comfortable repeating this, she'll add more hips and next thing you know, you're dancing & sweating. It's fast-paced and NOT FOR UNCOORDINATED people. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE FAST CHOREOGRAPHY OR LATIN DANCE, THIS TAPE IS NOT FOR YOU. But if you love to dance, looking for something different, and can catch on to the moves, this tape might be for you.
As she progresses thru each combo, she does about 4-5 combos, they get better. She cues well but since the tape is short she doesn't spend alot of time teaching which is good because you won't get bored doing this tape over & over. The intensity was moderate and gets a little higher from time to time. This tape is good for intermediates, for a moderate, fast, fun workout. Great boredom buster! There's some whooping but I didn't notice it that much. All the dancers seemed very enthusiastic. She also has some creative moves. I think it's a good mix of dance and aeorbics, I definitely recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
She's enthusiastic, friendly, and has good energy.

Ang. D