The Next Challenge

Cindy Crawford
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

The workout is chaptered better than SYB. I can skip the warmup by just skipping past the chapter (yay).

The dvd has a single workout (an hour) that works the whole body. Abs are interspersed between other body parts.

There are some jumping type drills in the leg workout which I enjoyed.
Reminded me of sports conditioning type drills.

The lunge moves are very dynamic, and this time, Cindy does them without a chair.

She does Crescent Kicks which I adore!! She also does some front kicks.

Next is abs and chest.

Her pace is slower than I like in the ab work, but the SYB workout was too fast at times. I just did the pace I like.

The chest work was dynamic with sweeping motions. I loved it - and it was one giant superset. But I used 3 lb wts at times because I didn't want to injure my shoulders on the sweeping motions.

After more abs, you get up and do more upper body (biceps, shoulders and backs). I used 5s, but used 3 for front raises.

It's this big multi-set, but you end up doing a few sets of bent over double rows, and fore-arm curls (reverse curls). The back is hard to work effectively which is why I think you do so many.

Then there is more abs and back work that looked fun, but I ran out of time, so I can't comment on this section or the stretch work.

I will include this in my Cindy Crawford rotation, which consisted up til now of doing Shape your body 1 one day, and Shape your body 2 the next.

Since starting with SYB about 10 days ago, I have been doing them almost every day (with the exception of 2 days where I did other things).

My abs have pulled in alot and my legs are starting to see this nifty cut right above my knee on my quad - outer side. I carry fat there, so that's a good thing

Instructor Comments:
Radu is very low key here. Hardly says anything.

Cindy does the cuing. Cindy is amiable enough and she's in decent shape here. Her form seems a lot better than Shape Your Body. She also seems to have more endurance here.