The Next Challenge

Cindy Crawford
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This video came out a few years ago, and like the first one, most reviews were negative. What I find funny, is that now there are a lot of "recommended" videos that incorporate the same moves (karate kicks, plyometrics jumps, etc) that Crawford and Radu did. I enjoy the video because it is different, not just the set, clothes, and music but the actual workout itself is not the same dancy stuff that you usually see out there. I like the upper body workout because although it incorporate the basics, it also gives you a lot of variations and safety options. She does it with light weights; when it got too easy for me I just used heavier weights at a slower pace. The lower body portion really makes me work! I like the sports based moves that really make me work on balance and coordination.

I think Crawford's video just suffered from backlash because she is a supermodel. (How dare she be able to do anything else successfully)!

Instructor Comments:
Great friendly demeanor, she gives pointers/alternatives for people who might not be able to perform certain exercises (such as sit-ups)