The Next Challenge

Cindy Crawford
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I just borrowed this video from a friend and tried it out tonight. I really felt like I got a good work out--I was exhausted afterwards! The leg exercises in the beginning really got my heart rate up (lunges, kicks, jumps, didn't care for the crescent kicks that she did though). The abs section really blew me away (which included sit-ups with the usual crunch exercises) and made me work. I didn't feel like the arm exercises (with weights) were as good a work out since she uses the same weights the whole time and doesn't give you a chance to switch (unless you hit pause). Lastly, there are a few great back stretches/exercises. Overall, I liked this video, it really made me work (especially legs and abs)! I am no beginner to exercise/weightlifting and this was difficult for me!

Instructor Comments:
I like Cindy's straightforward approach and the fact that she really works out in the video (she is panting right along with you!). As for her instructor, I thought he was a bit solemn for the video and didn't really offer much informative input.