The Next Challenge

Cindy Crawford
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

[Cindy's] first video came under alot of criticism for being unsafe but you can feel confident that this one is fairly safe. It's not the greatest in terms of fat-burning; you may want a more aerobic-type video for that, but, on the other hand, it's a great all-around toning and endurance video. Also, it's great if you're tight on space, I'm able to do the workout in my college dorm room which, believe me, is not much space at all. The music for the video is pretty good, and, the nice thing about Cindy is she's not a waif like other models. Her body is somewhat attainable (if you're 5'10" that is!) and you can tell she really does workout, unlike the series of videos Claudia put out recently. I read an interview with her recently in which she ADMITTED that she didn't work out until she was approached with the idea of doing the videos--not the world's best motivator!!! Anyhow, the Cindy video is pretty good. They have it at the local Blockbuster and I'd recommend trying it before buying it.

Laureen Bader