The Next Challenge

Cindy Crawford
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Total Body Workouts

It's been at least two years since I've done this video (I gave it to a friend) but...I'll attempt to remember it anyway.

The 'mood' of the video is kind of "MTVish". There are a lot of edits during the video, first Cindy is doing the move outside, then she is doing it in a gym, then she is doing it in an industrialish looking room. Of course she has a different outfit on every time. Also, the whole time 'Radu' her personal trainer, is off to the side giving her direction. Occasionally he steps in and corrects her form, or pushes her to work a little harder.

There was a kind of aerobic section at the beginning. It was a little strange. It was very slowpaced, she did a lot of moves that would be aerobic at a faster pace, but most of it was too slow to get my heart rate up. However, some of the moves themselves were challenging. Cindy does lunges and dips, (no steps or weights), some Karate kicks, and some speedskating moves. Those are all the specifics I can remember from that section. I guess the strange part about this is that, it was almost aerobic, so I would call it easy in that sense, but a lot of the moves they did where sort of tough 'muscularly' if that makes sense. A true beginner would have a hard time with this stuff, but if you are fairly strong, it won't be difficult.

There is a 'toning' section after this. She uses light dumbbells and does the typical arm, back and shoulder work with them. (rows, flys etc.) I believe the ab section was after that, she does quite a few crunches and...situps. I find this a little strange, because sit-ups are considered pretty outdated these days. She does caution you to do crunches if you have back problems, not situps.

I wish I could remember more detailed info, but my overall impression of the tape was...that I liked it. I am a pretty advanced exerciser, and this video would be too easy for me now, but it was a pretty good start to get back into exercising after I had my last baby. It is probably getting to the point where you can find it on clearance tables, and if you are a beginner to intermediate exerciser, it may be worth it to try. I gave the video away a year ago, it has been at least a year before that since I had used it, but I have built on some of the moves I learned in this video in my current training. Cindy's first video got knocked for having unsafe moves in it, I didn't find anything real unsafe in this second video.

Trish Ransom