Turbo Jam

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

Things that affected my impressions
I mostly use advance workouts but I think it is important to include different levels of intensity and impact. I like to cross train. I enjoy pure forms of exercise more than fusion workouts. With that in mind, I really enjoy kickboxing workouts. I like to use dance workouts as add-ons and mostly for fun. I like to work my abs and the variety in Ab Jam is a nice addition.

Personal impressions
This workout style is influenced by the 20 something generation- Buffy meets Britney at dance competition. I mostly prefer the million dollar baby workouts. But, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. I saw CPM 2 as an animated, choreographed, kickboxing influenced dance workout. Dancing is the primary focus. The choreography uses kickboxing moves, but I felt that the focus was on having fun not proper KB form. I think it could be safer with better cueing and set up. I had fun with CPM 2 and feel like it will be an effective aerobic workout. I am not sure that I would try another Turbo Jam workout, time will tell. Ab Jam was a nice addition to my collection.

Type of workout
Turbo Jam takes kickboxing to a 2nd generation fusion workout by incorporating dance. CPM 2 clocks in at 43 min 40 sec. The intensity level is intermediate to advance. Chapters include warm up, jabs & twists, kicks & punches, crosses & zig zags, turbo (90 second anaerobic drill), water break, recovery dance party, finale, cool down, and stretch. Ab Jam is an abdominal workout that is divided into two 10 minute sections, standing and floor abs. The standing abs section is a combination of the KB fusion moves & the floor ab workout is more traditional with a Turbo Jam flair at times.

There is no chapter menu option. You can FF through the chapters. There is a timer clock at the bottom of the screen. There are no glitches on Ab Jam but CPM 2 froze, pixilated, and skipped throughout the finale.

Other factors that affect the workout
Cueing/personality- I watched these workouts prior to using them. Chalene talks throughout CPM 2. She uses verbal encouragement i.e. Yeah baby! And, she hawks her workouts a little. Chalene does call out some form pointers but her cueing was inconsistent and nonexistent at times. Chalene’s interaction with the music reminds me of Christi, except that Christi has fun while remembering that she is leading a workout.

Music- The music for CPM 2 is Disco Heights, I Got That Boom Boom, Renegade Master, & Baby Got Back. The music on Ab Jam is instrumental (urban/pop). I would rate it as the same caliber that I’ve come to expect from Christi, Cathe, and Tracie.

Background exercisers- I didn’t find any distracting figures (well maybe one potential). There are a couple of exercisers who demonstrate modifications.

Set design- It is a gray room with frosted glass but the set is not dark.

Customer service- Beachbody consistently has reported complaints with customer disservice.
• Getting the best price on this product takes work, like buying an airline ticket.
• The online order form is responsible for many mistakes. Read it carefully because chances are you won’t get to verify your input before your order is placed.
• The representatives are not very well trained or informed and it can be frustrating to place an order by phone, get correct information, or settle a dispute. Make a list of things to do while waiting to be helped.
• BB can be unreliable with your credit card billing. Check you CC statement/bank records.
• Shipping is not always timely but they occasionally surprise you.
• You can have a positive shopping experience. I have ordered from Beachbody twice and both times I had problems with my order. I was able to settle my problems with the company without too much of a problem.

Pet peeve
I think the Learn part should be included on the workout video/DVD and not be charged for separately, especially when the workout is billed as a new trend or new to the home workout market. I don’t like being charged for instructions on a product someone is trying to sell me. I did not buy L&B.

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