Turbo Jam: Turbo Sculpt

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This is the only workout I've done from the Turbo Jam series, so I can't compare it to others. This workout is currently in the FreeZone of the OnDemand videos available from my cable company. I tried this workout to get a flavor of TurboJam without purchasing the series.

The workout is about 40 minutes of mostly compound moves - lunges with shoulder work, plies with overhead presses. It's a high rep, low weight workout. One odd thing is that you never change weights. If you start with 5 pounds you use that weight throughout. What makes that strange is that some muscles are bigger and stronger than others and could benefit from a heavier weight. When you do lats, you do put both weights in one hand. For the chest presses I upped my weight.

Overall, I liked it. Her cuing isn't flawless, but it was easy enough to follow. The music was good. The instructor is certainly charming and I can understand why people would enjoy the TurboJam series.

I'll use this as long as it's on the freebie list from the cable company, but I probably won't buy it.

Instructor Comments:
Encouraging and charming. A nice workout partner.