Turbo Jam: Cardio Party 2

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

I kept hearing raves about TurboJam and wanted to try them, so I traded for Cardio Party and Cardio Party 2. I liked Cardio Party somewhat, but it seemed somewhat repetitive and not quite engaging enough. Then, I tried Cardio Party 2. Woo baby – THIS was the workout I had hoped for. It is a lot of fun and the time flies when I do it.

OK. How about some details? This workout is set in a workout studio with fake windows at the back. The two exercisers at the back are on raised platforms, so you can see them. Chalene leads the workout with a large group of exercisers behind her. They all look fit, but look like “real” people, not models. They also seem to have a really good time throughout the workout and I enjoy watching them. Two of them modify the workout to low impact. As one of them is in the front on the right and the other is in the back on the left, one of them is on the screen almost constantly. The impact in this workout is mixed, but Chalene gives low-impact modifications throughout the workout. She cues pretty well, but is late in calling for a move a certain percentage of the time. She does mirror cue and gives a number of form pointers throughout the workout. You need enough room to move side to side and front to back a few feet, but this workout is not a space hog.

She talks about appearance-related benefits a lot, but also stresses strength and fitness. She also explains fitness-related concepts like bringing your heart rate down after it goes high in a particularly intense section. She also comments a lot about how great the music is. I am of two minds about the music. It is not the kind of music I generally enjoy – it has more of an edge than the music I generally enjoy, but then I am a stuck-in-the-mud middle aged woman whose musical choices edge more toward easy listening than rap or hip hop. The music, however, DOES add a lot to the workout and keeps me motivated throughout it. So, although I would never listen to her “great music” I don’t mind it in this workout. Of course, I may be just having enough fun I ignore it.

Every time I do this workout, I FEEL it in my abs the next day, especially in my obliques. I rarely get DOMS with any workout, but given how much you work your abs in this workout, it’s not too surprising. This workout just flies for me and I feel really worked out, yet energized, at the end of the workout.

Instructor Comments:
She is relaxed and natural in front of the camera. She is also very motivating and fun to work out with.

Laura S.