Turbo Jam: Cardio Party

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

I am a video workout junkie. For the past 10 years this is my form of exercise. This video is an exercise party that you look forward to doing. The 45 minutes flies by but leaves you sweating and begging for more. All of the crew are likeable and motivating but not posy for the camera. You can pull the energy from Chalene and the others. You feel like you are in the class with them and we are all in this fitness challenge together. And you look forward to seeing them the next day.

I highly recommend this video and the complete program. I feel tight, fit and energized (even with a few more pounds to get off). And the best part of all is that it is not a grueling, "do I have to workout today" kind of video. It's more like "hooray, time to Turbo Jam!"

Instructor Comments:
One of the best instructors on video.

I am a fan of Minna Lessig and Kathy Smith but Chalene seems to combine the enthusiasm of both of these instructors in a perky (non annoying way). She really motivates you to kick it up a notch.
Excellent queing-she's always sending the message before the move so you can keep up without missing a beat. She also does it mirror style so when she says right, you see right. Very helpful so you can stay in step.