CIA 9902: Kickbutt Combat

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This workout is fantastic! I have been a fan of Keli Roberts since I started working out in high school and I first got the Cherfitness step tape with Keli. 6 years later, I'm still working out to Keli's tapes... In addition to that Cherfitness tape (which I still do) I also now own her step workout, her circuit training workout, her Straight-up sculpt tape, and of course her phenomenal abs tape!

I started getting interested in kickboxing after I saw Keli teach a kickboxing class on the Crunch TV show on ESPN2, and was hoping she'd eventually come out with a video (I actually ended up taping her class on Crunch and worked out to that for a few months). When I learned that she was doing a CIA kickboxing tape, I immediately snapped it up!

To date I have only done the kickboxing part, but am planning on doing the sculpting and stretching part very soon (I did watch both the sculpt and stretch part just to see what they were like, and they seem very thorough, so I can't wait to try them). The kickboxing workout is exactly what I was hoping for. It is much longer and much more challending than the kickboxing segment she did on Crunch, but boasts many of the similar moves.

As described by the other reviewers, she starts with the warm-up, which consists of punching and stretching. Then she goes into the jump-rope intro which continues the warm-up (I skip this and the other two jump-rope parts of the tape , because it tends to hurt my knees, but with or without the jump-rope part, my heart is still pumping!).

She then goes into the actual workout, which is really fun. The choreography is not difficult to learn at all, but it is varied so that you don't get bored, for example you do punches and kicks in different directions, not just to the front. Also the final ten minutes you get to wear boxing gloves, which make you feel like a real boxer! She does a great job of keeping you from getting bored, and keeping you going.

I must admit I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get through a 52 minute kickboxing workout (the CIA website originally described it as a 30 minute workout with a 10 minute warm-up), but Keli makes it so much fun that you don't want to stop! I still can do only about 45 minutes of it, but I am trying to build up to doing the whole workout.

I have heard of people getting addicted to Tae-bo, and I think I'm addicted to Kickbutt Combat! I really look forward to the days when I do this tape. Keli says at the start of the tape not to do this workout on consecutive days, so I do it twice a week and alternate it with her step videos. I was happy she finally came out with another cardio workout to add to my rotation!

Instructor Comments:
I own pretty much all of Keli's videos, and just think she is an exceptional instructor. She is very motivating, and most of all has been tremendously helpful in teaching me good form. She is by far my favorite instructor, and I hope she keeps the tapes coming!