CIA 9902: Kickbutt Combat

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I was really looking forward to getting this video, and I was not disappointed! This is a no-nonsense kickboxing video that uses a jumprope (optional) during the cardio, and tubing for the conditioning segments (hand weights can be substituted for most of the moves). It's similar in style to Power Kicks, but I find this tape to be more enjoyable. To me, Power Kicks is a little more intense, but you can just make your moves more powerful and kick higher to increase your intensity. It's not heavily choreographed like Janis Saffel's kickboxing videos. Those of you who have Interval Max by Cathe Friedrich will recognize the set and the music. There are two background exercisers. Keli alternates boxing and kicking moves with jumprope intervals in the cardio section. She does mention at the beginning of the tape not to do this workout on consecutive days, and she also mentions throughout the cardio that "your HR is increasing," and, "Let your HR come down." I wore my HR monitor throughout, and although I got a good cardio workout I never got anaerobic. When Keli and co. put on boxing gloves during the end of the cardio, I used my 1-1/2 lb. wrist weights and it worked well for me (she mentions that you can use 1-2 lb. handweights if you want). During the body conditioning Keli uses three different kinds of tubing: an exertube with handles, a figure 8 exertube, and a loop tube with things to secure the tube on your ankles. I used my exertube and my loop dynaband. I had to modify some of the exercises and experiment with the proper resistance to use. That will get easier. For the lower body using the loop band, my dynaband kept slipping. I had to position my dynaband under the arch of my standing leg to secure it. I may have to check the price of the specific tubing that she uses (I'm sure that's one of the reasons she uses it). I really liked the pushups where you start out in a plank position on your toes, lower your chest near the floor, lower your knees to the floor, and complete the push up on your knees. I think that may be the key to being able to do more pushups on my toes! I like the way Keli says, "Trust me!" during this part! I do wish she had included an abs section, but you do use your abs to stabilize yourself throughout the workout. Keli doesn't spend a lot of time breaking down the moves--she assumes that you have had prior kickboxing experience. All in all, a fun, 90 minute, total body workout (although I am still trying out modifications for some of the conditioning moves so I can try to avoid buying more equipment). I would recommend this to intermediate to advanced exercisers who like kickboxing and are open to using tubing for crosstraining purposes.

Instructor Comments:
This is not the same Keli that we know from Ultimate Step, Circuit Training and Abs & More. Her form and cuing are excellent as usual, but she seems to have taken her role in a kickboxing video very seriously. She looks tough! It was hard for me at first to get past her new look, but as I got into the workout it wasn't an issue anymore. Keli seems to be really enjoying herself during this workout!

Kristin Aziz