CIA 9902: Kickbutt Combat

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Okay. I got the tapes from the post office, and I tried Keli's tape first within the hour when I got home. I wasn't disappointed.

On account of this review being written after the first try, I'll just say general comments about the setup and what I liked and disliked.

The warmup consisted of side to side touches while warming up the arms in boxing moves to prepare you for what's coming up, including stretches for the legs. The cardio section's first part has you boxing and skipping rope alternatively, and towards the end she has you kickboxing with the legs. You'll need either boxing gloves or light wrist weights. I used my 2.5 lb ankle weights and they worked just fine. The body conditioning section was done with various tubing bands that I don't have at home. I was able to make do with my Dyna-Bands for the upper body. The lower body work used a tube around your ankles that came with attachments (velcro?)so the tubing wouldn't slip. My Dyna-Bands slipped off, so I used ankle weights. In doing this I lost the effectiveness of this workout section. I felt sufficiently worked out everywhere but the abs (as a specific toning segment- you stabilize your abs throughout the workout for good body alignment). The stretching segment at the end used bands (your skipping rope, towel, etc.) to help stretch your legs. I was disappointed that she didn't stretch all the arm muscles (just some shoulder/back stretches).

As an int/adv exerciser, I felt challenged enough, although this was my first kickboxing tape (I've only done Kathy's Aerobox). I took it easy, since it was my first time. I wanted to be sure to use good form. Keli doesn't spend time teaching the correct form for each boxing move; it is assumed you know the terminology. She'll do the move slowly for you to get the choreography, and then up to tempo. Looks can be deceiving - this tape is one for me to grow on if I give the effort to go out and kick butt!

The music kept me pumping, and the set was bright . Overall I really enjoyed it. I learned lots of new toning moves, didn't get bored, and got turned on to kickboxing. Some of the background exercisers made mistakes (even Keli once lost balance on a toning move), and it always makes me smile to know no one is perfect!

Grade: A

Instructor Comments:
It's a more serious Keli here with yet again a new look. On the cover she's blond, on tape a redhead! As always, Keli is a professional,and givesexcellent cueing. I LOVE to work out with her.

Jennifer van der Hooevn