CIA 9901: Step, Low and Tone

Andre Houle
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

This review covers only the step portion of this tape. I received this in a trade, and am pretty happy with it. For some background on me, I regularly work out with Christi, and am able to catch on to her choreography on the first try. For this reason, the pace of Andre's teaching in 9901 seems a little slow to me. He breaks down the combos a little too much, and marches in place quite often, but I just repeat the combo or portion of the combo while he does this. It is worth it for the final combos all strung together, which remind me a little of Franny, Kristin Kagen and others--very fun with good flow. The first section is about 30 minutes, the second is only about 18. I rewind the last five minutes (the portion where Andre puts all the combos from the first and second section together) and do it over again, but that still makes the 2nd step section only about 25minutes...really too short to use these as half hour cardios. Some of the moves in this workout include a 2 knee repeater into a walk around the step, then a triple-stomp-push over into a walk the plank, into a reverse rocking horse type thing. Really fun when the whole thing is put together! I think the thing about CIA videos is that they are fun the first time you do them because you are just learning them. I find that doing them the second time is already a little too easy, because there is often so much breakdown and repetition. However, this is a good excuse to stock up on LOTS of videos, so that when you pull it out it has been so long since you've done it that it is like doing it again for the first time!

Instructor Comments:
Andre is enrgetic and fun to work out with. He isn't the best cuer; nor is he the worst. He calls a repeater a "basic 3", and has other odd terms for familiar moves. He says "easy" alot of times when he should be cuing, but the choreography isn't complex enough that it really matters that much. He is motivating and nice!