CIA 9901: Step, Low and Tone

Andre Houle
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

I will begin this review by saying that I really want to like this tape. Although I enjoy it in a degree, I donít like it enough to keep the tape. It must be something very personal, because I canít pinpoint anything wrong with it. I have done the step section 3 times by now. The best I can say is that it always leave me with some unfulfilled feeling I canít explain, both choreography-wise and cardio-wise. I am an intermediate exerciser. I can give you a gauge of my level by saying that CIA 9701 is the proper level for me. While Andre is teaching the move, the intensity is lower than 9701. When he puts it all together at the end, the workout can be low advanced. But it is all too short. It would be better if the workout is longer than this. Nevertheless, the uneven intensity is not a big flaw. It can be compensated for by adding some propulsion moves and give it full range of motion, or even add some sections of another tape at the end. There are many other tapes that I keep despite its low intensity. Maybe what dissatisfies me is the choreography, but I canít make out what it is.

The second thing I donít like is the warm-up. I donít like to do shuffle the step when my muscles are cold. But this is also a minor flaw of this tape.

I have done the low impact floor only once. It is o.k., but not my style. While I like complex choreography that is fun to work out with, I donít like "funny" choreography. I hope this makes sense. By funny choreography, I mean the moves like monkey see monkey do (Iím sorry if I make out the name wrongly) or the bus-stop. I can include the pony repeater in step section into this category too. But most of the "funny" moves exist only in the floor section. I hope this does not offend anyone. Thereís nothing wrong with these moves, just not my style.

I never do the toning section with tubing. Thereís obvious reason: there is no tubing available in my country.

Instructor Comments:
How I like him! Heís charming in American style at its peak. Very encouraging, very likable.