CIA 9901: Step, Low and Tone

Andre Houle
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

As I did the step section of CIA 9901 last night, I kept thinking to myself, "I love this tape!" It's been a long time since I felt that way right off the bat. The choregraphy is so inventive and Andre's personality is so great, that I enjoyed every minute.

Although I don't always have the patience to do this, I previewed most of the step section first and I'm really glad I did. I think that I would have been frustrated otherwise, since Andre moves pretty quickly through the steps. However, as other reviewers have mentioned, his cuing really is excellent. I think I'd compare his choreography to Kari Anderson's. Lots of turns and a large variety of movements. It is not really powerful like Cathe's, but I still had a good sweat going and felt like I got a good workout without a lot of really high impact. I haven't tried the low impact or toning part of the tape, but the step alone makes this a definite keeper.

Personality-wise, I think I'd compare Andre to Patrick Goudeau (although his cuing is much better -- Sorry, Patrick!). He is very relaxed and friendly and the camera seems to love him! I will definitely be interested in buying any of his future step tapes.

Instructor Comments:
Although I've only done 9901 once so far, I LOVE this man! He is motivating, warm, has a great smile (not to mention a great body!) and I'm already looking forward to working out with him again!

Amy Brier