Kari Anderson
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Collage rates this workout as Inter/Advanced which is probably true, but it is closer to intermediate than advanced. At first it seemed more intermediate to me, but I have found I can get a decent workout from it because I have a lot of room to move. The whole routine could be a low advanced routine, but it definitely slows down in a few places when being taught. There are a few moves in the video I would have found difficult when I was an intermediate, but overall this would be a good video for intermediates.

I enjoy this tape quite a bit, but like Body Tech it is not a perfect tape for me. The cardio section is only 35 minutes with the warmup. When it is over I am left wanting more. Those 35 minutes are fun though. The choreography goes well with the music, some of which I have not heard before on other videos.

The mat-work portion of the tape is similar to ALC, which I traded away knowing I would NEVER take the time to use the tape. From what I remember of AL&C - this is like a mini version of it, which is short enough that I might actually use it on occasion. The stretching at the end of the matwork is nice.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is absolutely giddy during this workout - a very different personality than in her Great Moves videos when she is alone. It was irritating, but not too much for me to handle. I found her cueing to be very bad actually (another difference from her other tapes). She taught the moves pretty well, but when it came to cueing the combos after we know them, she often just doesn't cue. She spends a lot of time talking to the dancers, who don't say anything back to her. It almost feels like you are intruding, because it seems like she has a lot of inside jokes. She is obviously very excited to be dancing with these ballet dancers, and I am happy for her, but I wish she had toned it down just a bit.

The dancers themselves are actually not that intimidating. You can tell they are dancing when they do arabesques, but their aerobic dancing skill is nothing to write home about. They all look very fit, but not intimidating in that regard either.

Lisa C