Kari Anderson
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance


Here's the scoop on the basis of my preview of this tape. I'll do a more in-depth review later, but my knee injury is still bothering me enough that I can't do this workout as it's intended. The video is 40 min. of cardio, 20 min. of "matwork." The background exercisers are all professional ballet dancers who, during the intro segment talk about what dance means to them.

The cardio section is similar in flavor to Kari's Great Moves Hi/Lo tapes--lots of fun moves with some dance inspired steps thrown in (attitudes, leaps, twists and turns). It was fun to see how high all these dancers can leap! DanceWorks is different from the Great Moves tapes, though, in that there is a large class and Kari's personality always lights up the room when she's working with a class. Kari also breaks down the moves a little more than she would in a Great Moves choreo tape, which means the intensity winds up being a bit lower as you learn the moves.

The steps by themselves don't necessarily feel that dancy, but when you string them all together the combo seems dancier than you first thought. Still, as far as the "dancy quotient" goes, if you can handle her Great Moves tapes, this one won't throw you. Kari uses her usual style of teaching a combo, then running through the whole routine from the top, with a few run throughs at the end. The cool down looks fun and a little bit funky.

The matwork floor section is very much like Angles, Lines, and Curves--lots of dance-inspired isometric and stabilization exercises with Kari's graceful touch. Some of these moves are very challenging because they require a lot of core strength and a keen sense of balance.

The music is typical aerobic stuff, but well chosen. The first few have a Latin flavor, and I recognized a few familiar tunes, such as the PowerMax "360" combo music.

The set is a well lit studio, with white draperies at the back for the cardio segment, and black mats for the floor work. The clothes are all variations of turquoise, royal blue, and black for the cardio segment, gray and white for the floor work. The unified color scheme was nice, IMHO.

Those are my first impressions--I'll revisit them when I can actually do this routine. This video is a benefit video for the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and is supposedly only available for a limited time, so if you're interested, don't wait!