CIA 9701: The CIA Step Workout

Donna Read
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Step Aerobics

This video is intermediate/low advanced in intensity, and intermediate in terms of choreography. There is an 8 minute warmup, 42 minutes of stepping, and a 10 minute stretch (maybe a bit too long?). Her style is a mix of athletic and dancy--probably on the level of Cathes' choreography, maybe StepFit level. She keeps saying "beautiful" and tugging up her shorts, but it didn't seem distracting. I enjoyed this for a not-too complicated step routine. The beat is slower than what I'm used to (Christi and Cathe), but that was nice for a change, too, and lets you concentrate on going deep into the moves. You may want to add some power to get the intensity up. Fun workout :)

Instructor Comments:
Donna Read is a capable, energetic instructor, pretty sweet, mild and calm sounding throughout the workout. She teaches in an add-on style, and cues relatively well.