CIA 9701: The CIA Step Workout

Donna Read
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Step Aerobics

Donna is very energetic and the music is good. The tempo, however, is a little slower than I'm used to with Cathe Friedrich. The combinations are dancy and sort of complex. But just when you really get going, Donna throws in a very simple movement -- like a series of hamstring curls -- and this brings my heart rate down. Unlike Cathe, whose videos are intense no matter how simple the movements, this video is of medium intensity even though most of the movements are more complex. I feel this video is more intermediate, rather than advanced, because of the lower intensity. I'd give this a B.

Instructor Comments:
Sue Bryant's review gives a good description of Donna's teaching style. She reminds me a lot of Kari Anderson - from her body shape to her movements. If you like Kari, you'll probably like Donna.

Joni O