CIA 5004: Step, Hi/Lo, Slide

Christi Taylor, Deborah Silvers, Terri Klinghoffer, Debbie David
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Sliding, Step Aerobics

I believe this was Christi Taylor's first video, or at least her first CIA video. It is a little less complex than her later tapes but still a good workout. The tape has step, hi/lo, and slide. I have only done the step and the hi/lo.

Step: This is a 22-minute step routine with a separate 8-minute warmup. It is a mixed impact, intermediate level workout with moderately complex choreography. I enjoyed the step and was able to learn it fairly thoroughly after one or two times (unlike Christi's other step videos which took me a number of times to learn). There are only a few high impact or plyo moves in the routine, something that is easier for a beginner or intermediate exerciser. I would have liked a little more intensity. Christi does use all sides of the step in an interesting and fun way and you will keep moving throughout the routine. As in the hi/lo portion, this segment is good to add as a warmup to a more intense video.

Hi/Lo: The hi/lo comes immediately after the step routine without a separate warmup. It is about 20 minutes long. I really, really liked this portion of the tape. Although it is geared more to intermediate exercisers than advanced, it is a great routine. It is much, much easier to learn than Christi's other hi/lo's and a great introduction to her teaching style. Most of the routine is low to moderate impact but fast moving with lots of turns. The last combo has some fun but high impact moves which can be easily modified. I enjoy this hi/lo segment so much that I frequently add it to the end of some of my longer and more advanced videos on those days when I want a longer routine.

Sophie Hayford