CIA 2K01: Two Jammin' Workouts in One

Gay Gasper
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

This is a two-workout tape I purchased to add cardio variety to my routine. I'm a step-a-holic and wanted to try some hi/lo. These two complete workouts from one of my favorite instructors looked like a good deal, and comments on the VF forum encouragement me to give it a try. It consists of a hi/lo workout and cooldown, followed by a combo step/kickbox routine, with a short ab routine and stretch. First, the hi/lo workout. I'm not a big fan of hi/lo. With my space limitations, I don't feel like I can go all out, and I don't much care for high impact moves--but that's about the only way I can get my heartrate going during hi/lo. Also, pivots on carpet can be hazardous, and I have to be extra careful with foot placement to avoid twisting my knees. This hi/lo workout moves quite fast, so concentration is important. That said, I like Gay's style, the workout is fun, the music is fun (vocal), and it isn't hard to learn. The first section is low impact. The next two sections have kicks, hops, knee-ups with turns, etc. There's a hop-hop-hopping turn I think is dancy and cute. Gay "takes it from the top" often, so if you're impatient with repetition, this probably isn't for you. I'd recommend it for anyone looking to move up to intermediate in both intensity and complexity. Step and Strike This workout really poses a problem on my floor. The kickboxing portions feature a front kick that requires a foot pivot I just can't do safely on carpet. I haven't quite figured out how to modify that. Also, I'm inexperienced in kickboxing (and somewhat left-right impaired!) so it will take me a while to get into the rhythm of these sections. I keep punching with the wrong arm and getting off balance for the sequence of moves. But I'll eventually get it! And when I do, I know I can kick up the intensity. Meanwhile, the step sections are lots of fun, with some moves I haven't encountered before and need to work on--a step backward off the step, with a pivot (I don't know how to describe this!) followed by a walk around the step. However, I was amazed how much easier it was to follow the second time around. Guess I really did learn something! Gay's cuing is consistently helpful. The time flies by. There's a short ab section at the end that I appreciate. In both workouts, the music is vocal rock (I guess it's rock), and loud enough. Funky cooldown. This tape makes me smile and sweat, and provides the workout variety I was looking for. Definitely a keeper.

Instructor Comments:
Gay Gasper has a friendly, natural attitude I've liked ever since I found her "beginner" tapes years ago. I'm glad to have these new advanced workoutswo from her. She is excellent at providing cues and indications of direction.

Barbara Loots