CIA 2304: Rock Steady Step

Seasun Zieger
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Step Aerobics

This is an *excellent* video. Seasun clearly likes what she's doing, the moves are fun, the setting is cool, the music is fab. The workout pants are so cool that it's the only video I've ever owned in which the outfits motivate me to do it. I wake up and think, "oh! I really want to see those pants again." Today I thought about the "shoot the hoop" section music *instead* of drinking caffeine, and it perked me up! I did this video once and knew it was destined to become one of my faves. I picked up Seasun's habit of snapping every now and then. It just makes the workout so fun, and keeps you in time. I like it better than clapping. The choreo & TIFTing is just perfect. It's complex enough to keep you focused. This keeps you engaged in the workout, rather than constantly referring to your watch. The choreo isn't so mind-bendingly complex either to fog a sleepy brain or make you trip over yourself. The cueing is flawless. I have videos from instructors who have several productions under their belts--they don't cue as well.

Seasun made a daring and fabulous choice of assistant exercisers. One of the 2 exercisers is 6 months pregnant. The *other* isn't, and SHE shows lower impact/easier modifications from time to time! I'm really stunned by the fitness of the mother-to-be. It's great to see what a pregnant body can do. Cool choice for a mainstream video.

Cons: I wish this video showed modifications throughout. They're only shown occasionally. I'm still working out how to stay in time and go low impact over some sections. Another reviewer noted the outfits. I adore the pants, but the occasional-modifier (non-pregnant) is wearing a tiny top that slides off her shoulders. The back band is too narrow to offer any support. She would have been more comfortable in a better cut bra top that covered a little tummy. Looks more modern to my eye. I'd like to see more arm work. It keeps the heart rate up without needing to bounce, and is really important for going adv but low impact.

Conclusion: A star is born! Seasun should make more videos.

Instructor Comments:
Seasun clearly likes what she's doing, and leads an excellent workout. Right out of the box this become an all-time favorite! If she made another video I'd pre-order right away. I highly recommend this instructor.

Cons: They are really small. Seasun fiddles with her fingers sometimes, like she's playing with a ring, counting reps on her fingers, itching a mosquito bite...? It's probably a tick but I would rather have seen (and done) overhead arm work than finger-playing. Keeps the heart rate up to, especially important for those of us doing everything low-impact. Seasun is a very thin person. I hope she is able to put on a few more pounds before her next workout, but I know it can be hard when you have a metabolism that won't cooperate. Peanut butter shakes? Stay healthy, Seasun! As an exercise professional and athlete in the public eye you have to beware that a lot of impressionable people are out there who look up to you, and might seek to emulate you although their bodies can't do so without resorting to drastic means. Every public person has a responsibility. Please don't anyone interpret this as prejudice against slim people--it's not. I'm just speaking from the experience of watching my gym friends get sick with eating disorders. It's for their sake I make this observation. (If only my problem was reminding myself to eat PBJs for public benefit!)