CIA 2304: Rock Steady Step

Seasun Zieger
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Step Aerobics

My favorite type of cardio workout is step, and I love complex choreography. I must say that this one was an instant favorite for me. Having taken a few live step classes with Seasun, I can tell you that this workout is very much like a live class. The choreography is complex, but it flows together very well and Seasun's cueing is excellent, so it's very much learnable except maybe if you're a total choreo klutz. There's just enough TIFTing so you can get the moves down, but not so much that you get bored after you've learned the workout.

I wouldn't necessarily call this one dancy (like a Christi Taylor step workout) but it is just as complex. I'd say the complexity is about the same level as Step This Way, Step Works, or Amazing Step Styles. Seasun's choreography is somewhat similar to Cathe Friedrich, Kristin Kagen or Rob Glick, but her style is definitely her own. She has a knack for taking many of the standard steps and putting her own spin on them -- and putting them together in unique ways.

This workout has a great ab routine at the end. It starts off with plank work and moves into traditional crunches. Very thorough.

The step workout is about an hour and the ab work adds another 10 minutes or so. I frequently need to shorten my workouts to 30-40 minutes, so I usually end up doing only the first half. But it's still a great workout even if you don't do the whole thing. The choreography in the second half seems a bit trickier to me, so if you're just learning it you may want to stick with just the first half at first and then move on to the second half once you've mastered that. It's very fun, though, so it's worth learning!

The warmup does have some hops over the step -- it doesn't bother me, but it may bother some. You may want to modify if you have twingy knees (although modifications are not shown for that). There are some modifications shown for faster or higher-impact moves later on in the workout; one of the background exercisers does the modified versions.

Overall, this is a great advanced step workout with fun, complex choreography.

Instructor Comments:
Seasun is an excellent cuer and a very natural instructor on video. Her friendly, motivating personality and enthusiasm for fitness shine through.

Lynne Lounsbury