CIA 2304: Rock Steady Step

Seasun Zieger
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Step Aerobics

I really like this video! It's one of my all-time favorites. I'd describe this video as one of the most complex, yet intense, videos I've done in a long long time. Seasun hit one out of the park with her first video.

The video consists of a warm-up (about 10 mins long and pretty intense -- more on that below), and 2 completely independent step sections which last about 50 minutes (no taking it from the top by combining the two). There's also a short cooldown, and about 15 minutes of ab work, but I've never stuck around for that, not because it isn't good, but mainly because I don't like doing abs. I think the running time for the video is close to 75 minutes.

I see a lot of Christi and Cathe in Seasun's style, but she's not just a clone of those 2. She introduces hops, leaps, and lunges into virtually every combo like Cathe, which gives her Cathe-esque intensity (did I mention that this video is HARD!). Yet, she adds shuffles, mambos and other floor aerobics types moves to her step routine, to add variety and complexity. Seasun also does quite a bit of "watch me" moves, but she introduces them logically, and always gives you the option to stay where you are (which I did in many places). I love the way the routine flows and moves quickly from one thing to the next, and virutally every beat is punctuated with a unique move, hop, or turn.

And now I'd like to applaud Seasun's cuing skills. They are precise, descriptive, and consistent. Ocassionally she cues on the move, rather than ahead of the move, but that's usually when you've gone through it several times.

A topic near and dear to all VFers heart: the TIFTING: The repetition in the routine seems just about right to me, though you do repeat moves about 4 times on each side before moving on.

The music is upbeat and fun and well-suited to the workout, though some songs are better than others.

My only substantive criticism would be that the warm-up is too fast to really be a warm-up -- you do hop turns, plyo jacks, and other higher impact moves from the get-go. I just keep everything lower impact, to give myself sufficient time to warmup. I've heard comments on VF that Seasun bounces too much when she steps. I don't think it's "unsafe," I just think it's her style of movement -- more like Kari Anderson's dancy, flowy, style of movement than Cathe's "athletic" style of movement.

One tiny comment about the background exercisers: I thought their pants were way too low-hanging, especially in the back (ironically, it was more so on the woman who was *not* 6 months pregnant). It bordered on distastefulness; but maybe I'm getting old... Seasun's pants looked cute and were flattering though, which goes to show you that they are not meant for everyone. :)

Instructor Comments:
At ease in front of the camera and professional.

Eulonda S.