Weight Watchers 4-Week Targeted Workout Plan

Suzanne Bowen
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Abs/Core , Athletic Stretch , Ballet/Barre, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

This Weight Watchers dvd is programmable, with 7 workouts. Each workout shows a beginner and advanced background exercised, with Suzanne being the intermediate option:

Lower Body Sculpt - begins with your basic barre warmup (knee lifts), followed by unweighted leg/glute moves. About 4 minutes standing (leg lifts, plies) and 4 minutes floor work (all in table top).

Lower Body Circuit - warms up with plies, then adds weights (all standing). You have more athletic moves (lunges, staggered-leg deadlifts, squats, side-lunges, calf raises) but not intimidating. Still has the same calm vibe.

Lower Body Cardio - Good modification/variations shown for the moves (from very low-impact to adding jumps and such). There are squats, side-steps/speed skater, 1-legged squat/knee lift, rear tap/knee ups, side taps, squats. Not intimidating for cardio haters.

Upper Body Sculpt - uses very light weights...and burns! I like it, though it might feel a little shoulder-intense. There are lat raise variations, biceps, triceps. Reminds me of the first BarreAmped dvd.

Upper Body Cardio - Plank variations (advanced being plank jacks). Push ups, more planks, mountain climbers (this is the advanced, the modifier shows a knee tap), side planks.

Ab Circuit - Standing crunch and twisting knee lifts to warm up. Then knee crunch from all-fours position, before moving to the back for lower abs (supported upper body while moving legs). Then crunches, c-curve, plank and cat/cow.

Active Stretch - Nice flowing stretch (fairly athletic in nature). Half standing and half on the floor. I really like this short stretch -- some lunge-y hip stretches and arm swings build some heat/get the blood flowing, but they're followed by a good stretch.

Instructor Comments:
Suzanne is just like she is in her other workouts: very calm and encouraging, good cueing. There are two background exercises who show variations. The set is a basic bright, gym-like room.