Total Body Sculpt PLUS: Peak Performance

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts

Gilad was one my first ever video instructors! I used to do his workouts back in high school (we're talking late 80s) when they were shown on ESPN. Although I still use video workouts almost every day (now DVDs and YouTube), I have moved away from Gilad over time, mainly because there's so much more variety available. But I had an opportunity to try this DVD, and I thought it might be fun to revisit with Gilad for awhile.

"Peak Performance" is one of three total DVDs in Gilad's "Total Body Sculpt Plus" series. (I haven't tried the other two.) The two workouts on the DVD were obviously taken from his TV show, but it must have been full-hour shows, as the workouts are about 45 minutes long each (minus the commercial breaks). There are cuts in the routines where the commercials would have been, which is understandable; however, I wish they had done a better job with the editing, as the workout often picks up after the "break" with Gilad already in the middle of the next move.

Both workouts--Show 1 and Show 2--have sub-menus that list Warm-Up - Sculpt-Part 1 - Cardio - Sculpt-Part 2 - Abs and Stretch. Gilad teaches live in a beautiful Hawaiian setting with four background exercisers (two women and two men). I have broken down each of these routines in greater detail below.

***SHOW 1***
The simple 4.5-minute warm-up starts with steps side-to-side. Gilad introduces some basic boxing moves, such as a step forward-back with a jab-cross. Additional exercises include hop side-to-side, twist side-to-side, and a twist with a "shot put" throw. The first sculpt section begins with light weights and curtsy lunges side-to-side. Gilad gradually goes deeper, adding arms and pulses. He then holds the curtsy lunge to one side, adding a pulse and arms overhead. Next, he uses a resistance band for bicep curls. This section finishes on the floor with side plank and a side plank scoop/curl. I liked the cardio, which was all boxing moves and about 11.5 minutes long. Gilad builds on a step front with a jab-cross, eventually adding a knee lift, jab-cross to the side, and an upper-hook-cross series. He finishes with jump rope moves before repeating the entire series on the second side. The next sculpt section (11m) includes side lunges, adding a pulse and arms, and chair squat. Gilad also performs additional planks, adding a one-leg hold. Additional floorwork includes a one-leg hamstring hold, elbow plank hold, and reverse plank. For the Abs and Stretch segment (about 5.5m total), Gilad starts with a basic upper crunch, adding legs and quickening the pace; he also performs a double crunch with legs in-out and side-to-side. The quick (2m) stretch includes a lunge twist and breathing, for a total workout time of about 44 minutes.

***SHOW 2***
This routine places a bit more emphasis on the lower body (with the exception of the boxing cardio). The warm-up contains slightly different moves but is similar overall. The sculpting is different in that it starts on the floor. Gilad does a LONG side-lying series for the outer thighs, and OUCH! he works that area good. He finishes this sculpting section with some push-ups. The boxing is also similar to the first workout in that Gilad builds up a boxing combo, this time with jab-cross plus uppercuts. The second sculpting section again focuses on the legs, this time with standing work for the outer thighs and glutes. The abs segments is good, with some one-leg work, and the final cool-down stretch to fnish is quick. This workout also comes in at about 44 minutes total.

Overall, these were very good workouts with nice variety. There isn't all that much upper body work (even in the first show), and I'm not a big fan of planks, but the DVD provides two solid 45-minute workouts for those in the advanced beginner to low intermediate range, and I would recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
Gilad is pretty much exactly as I remember him from the late 80s! He has aged extremely well and is still super-fit. He has a nice demeanor, including being a bit goofy. His cuing is generally exceptional, although he does forget to perform reps on the second side occasionally.

Beth C (aka toaster)