Crave Results

Angie Miller
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

Crave Results offers a variety of exercises and equipment. As instructor Angie Miller says in her Introduction, she wants to challenge the muscles to work in different ways. In this DVD, Miller uses a step platform, dumbbells, and resistance tubing, but her background exerciser, Kris, shows all the moves using dumbbells only. The workout is set in an attractive indoor studio, with Miller instructing live. The music is upbeat. Choices from the Main Menu are as follows: Introduction - Play All - Warm-up - Core Work - Stretch - PRE-MIXES.

The full workout--including warm-up, six cardio-toning blocks, and stretch--comes in at just over an hour (63 minutes). Given this, one of the reasons why I was interested in this DVD was the shorter pre-mixes, which includes segments of the main workout. The premix submenu lists the following options:

TUBING, 27m - Blocks 5, 6, Core
WEIGHT WORK, 33m - Blocks 2, 3, 4, Core
POWER SET ONE, 30m - Blocks 1, 3, 5, 6
POWER SET TWO, 30m - Blocks 2,3, 4, 5

The easiest way to describe this workout is to offer breakdowns of each individual segment/block, which I have done below.

WARM-UP (6.38m) - This is a cardio-based warm-up to get the heart rate up. Miller begins with marches, quickly adding a basic onto the step, step straddle, and hop. She also uses the step for knee repeaters and then moves into a side-to-side squat and hamstring curls before repeating the entire sequence. She ends with a few brief stretches on the step, targeting the hamstrings and calves and finishing with cat stretch.

BLOCK ONE - Miller starts with a lunge forward onto the step while holding a pair of dumbbells. She adds a core knee hold and squat to this sequence. Next is a side squat with bicep curls and a squat-knee-squat move. Each segment ends with a cardio burst: the first is a pulsing squat with one foot on the step, then crossing over the step.

BLOCK TWO - Holding one weight, Miller begins with an alternating side lunge. She adds a core knee hold and curtsey pulses to this. Next is bicep curls, again adding the curtsey. The cardio burst is plyo-based, a plie squat with a "stick" hop to center.

BLOCK THREE - Again holding one dumbbell, Miller starts with a reverse wood chop, eventually adding an overheat reach and then increasing to tempo. This is followed by a plie squat with overhead pulse, adding in a heel lift. The sequence is repeated on the second side. The cardio burst consists of a simple side-to-side step moving into a side-to-side hop.

BLOCK FOUR - Miller uses both dumbbells for this segment, which begins with a slow deadlift; she then adds a reverse fly to this move. A tough move follows that involves squatting to set down the weights, reaching overhead, and then squatting to pick the weights back up. Miller continues to use the dumbbell for alternating tricep kickbacks and a rear straight-arm tricep lift. For the cardio burst, she performs a simple squat with overhead raise.

BLOCK FIVE - For this first tubing segment, Miller starts standing on the step with the tube under one foot for reverse lunge; she adds an extension and then a balancing butt kick. After completing the second side, she stands with both feet on the tube for biceps curls with variations, including a rotator cuff move and side bicep curls, adding side reaches. The cardio burst uses the step for a side hop and stick.

BLOCK SIX - This segment also uses the tubing. Miller steps on the tube for a one-arm row, using different tempos/angles and completing both sides. She also performs sumo squats with the tube. The cardio burst does not use the tubing; Miller simply performs a jumping jack, then adds a "low jack," or pylo move.

CORE (9:19m) - Although Miller incorporates core moves throughout the routine (via balance and twists), this is a nice add-on. It starts with a stretch leg kick front. Next is a deadlift-like move, a one-legged floor reach, adding in extension of the back leg. On the floor, Miller performs plank, a push-up, and a side plank in a flow; she concludes with eight push-ups.

STRETCH (4.56m) - Miller targets most of the major muscle groups in this stretch. She includes a hip flexor lunge, runner's lunge, and lizard lunge. Coming to standing, she performs neck stretches, chair pose, standing forward bend to twist, and shoulder stretches, and she includes with chair pose plus a deep breath.

I'm surprised that the name of Angie Miller isn't more familiar! I've used DVDs from Miller in the past, and I've always enjoyed her low-key personality yet precise cuing. She generally offers intermediate-level routines, but she always includes modifiers showing less intense options. This DVD was given to me by a friend; I was happy to have the opportunity to re-visit with Miller in this intense routine.

Instructor Comments:
I find Angie to be engaging. She does talk quite a bit, but she is proving a lot of encouragement and form tips. Her workouts are very choreographed, and she offers excellent mirrored cueing, never messing up the rep count.

Beth C (aka toaster)