Crunch Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

This is a decent fusion workout that leans more on the yoga side and has elements of pilates. I agree with the other reviews of this workout in regard to its intensity and level of skill needed. For me the intensity was just enough to feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

One thing i noticed about this workout is that you can use segments of it as add-ons to other workouts and you won't need to worry about needing a warm-up or cool down. The last segment designated as a "cool down" is a nice conclusion to the workout where Ellen is seated on the floor, using deep breaths with flowing arm movements.

There was a time when this workout was out of print, and then it was re-released as a set with other Crunch workouts.

If you're accustomed to Ellen's Studio Series and acquired this workout out of curiosity, it's less flowing than that series, and most of the poses and moves are static in the standing position or seated on the floor.

Chapter breakdowns:
1. Start Program / Main Titles 0 - 1:20
2. Standing Yoga 1: 1:20-7:42 = 6:22
3. Standing Yoga 2: 7:42-13:36 = 5:54
4. All Fours Matwork 1: 13:36-19:42 = 6:06
5. All Fours Matwork 2: 19:42-25:47 = 6:05
6. Side Lying Matwork: 25:47-33:32 = 7:45
7. Abs Matwork: 33:32-38:43 = 5:11
a. Cool Down: 38:43-40:32 =1:49
8. End Credits:40:32-42:03 = 1:31

total without end credits: 40:32

Marni Green is the modifier and Cat Chiarelli is one of the cast members.

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is her usual encouraging self in this workout. I tend to enjoy all of her workouts, including this one.