Keeping Fit in your 50's - Aerobics

Cindy Joseph
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I recently picked up this DVD (as part of a set) at a used book sale. I will turn 50 in about 6 months, and I thought this might be a good addition to my fitness DVD collection. Well, as it turns out, this DVD isn't really geared towards someone like me, who is already an regular exerciser. In fact, rather than being titled "keeping fit," it should have more appropriately been called "establishing fitness," "regaining health," "retaining some type of activity" get the idea. On the one hand, the cardio routine on this DVD is offered at a very beginning level, but on the other, it isn't instructed very well, which means that beginners might have trouble following the workout.

This workout is led by Robin Stuhr, an exercise physiologist, assisted by Cindy Joseph, a fitness model. The DVD is well-chaptered, with the workout menu lists the following options (times added):

1. Introduction [4:42]
2. Body Basics [4:16]
3. Workout Tips [3:19]
4. Warm Up [4:21]
5. Core Routine: Part 1 [6:28]
6. Core Routine: Part 2 [6:16]
7. Core Routine: Part 3 [5:04]
8. Core Routine: Part 4 [4:17]
9. Cool Down [5:12]
10. Advanced Exercises: Part 1 [4:52]
11. Advanced Exercises: Part 2 [5:59]
12. Keeping Fit Fundamentals [8:32]

Other reviews have described Stuhr as "condescending"--in the lecture sections such as the introduction, she has a way of speaking that comes across like a teacher talking to young children. This is not true for the workout itself, which has MANY other issues. First, Stuhr seems completely inexperienced as a fitness instructor. She is off the beat, uses incorrect names for basic moves (such as grapevine), fails to explain new moves (including an entire Latin dance section with steps like cha-cha and mamba), and provides absolutely HORRENDOUS cueing. Joseph is clearly NOT a fitness video model--she is pleasant and smiling, but she also looks lost performing the moves, and she and Stuhr are frequently out of step. Finally, the video has some of the absolute WORST camera angles that I have ever seen in a fitness DVD. The camera often zoomed in extra close on Stuhr or Joseph, which made it even more difficult to follow the routine.

The unfortunate thing is that the actual exercises included were not bad. I took some steps to make the routine more challenging for me (i.e., skipped the warm-up, performed the so-called "advanced" exercises first, wore my weighted gloves), and I did get a decent short workout. However, the problems with this DVD were so annoying and distracting that I know I will not use it again. Someone who is unfamiliar with exercise DVDs might like this video, but that is a shame, as there are SO MANY better offerings available.

Instructor Comments:
To be clear, the actual instructor is Robin Stuhr; Cindy Joseph, the model and background exerciser, does speak here and there, but she is not leading the workout. As noted above, Robin seems ill-suited to lead a cardio workout. She may be a physiologist, but teaching is definitely not her forte.

Beth C (aka toaster)