Tonique Downloads

Sylwia Wiesenberg
Year Released: 2017

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts

Each description includes the title, total workout time, abbreviated workout time (if applicable), and the general focus of the workout. In some cases abbreviating the times just makes the workouts more doable for me. At this time I'm enjoying my Tonique time at about 45 minutes or less although I make some exceptions. The longer 90 minute workouts aren't represented on this list. Of course the reviews are based on my opinions and workout preferences and YMMV! The workouts are listed in chronological order. For a color coded illustration of what I feel like Sylwia's workout eras are, see this thread:

As for "results" as I posted in another thread lately, I am just really happy and celebrate my confidence every day. I'm about 10-15 pounds above my goal weight but I place less importance on that each day as I'm just enjoying today and being happy. Sylwia contributes to my happiness with her positive attitude, encouraging words, and inspiration. Aesthetically Tonique always makes my glutes and legs look awesome.

I really hope people find this helpful and let me know what you think! I am really thrilled with her newest workouts (Hamptons Glow, Seville Roof, Barcelona Roof, and Infinities) along with many of her earlier workouts. On the horizon: Ďsunrise to sunsetí high altitude Peru workouts!

Each workout is truly unique in its own way and Sylwia continues to find new and creative ways to challenge me and keep me excited for more.

Early workouts - mostly lower body focused, some cardio that is mostly comprised of long jumping sequences.

Workouts primarily filmed inside a studio and Sylwia generally demonstrates with light weights.

Tonique Cardio Mat, 80, *, Mat/Legs/Cardio
This is one of Sylwia's earlier workouts where she switches sides constantly (itís not really a circuit format like her later workouts) and is easily broken into shorter workouts. It is my first workout of hers pre-Born to Move and it is definitely a little easier by comparison, but by no means easy. There's a good mix of standing, mat work, and cardio, and more abs towards the end. My main complaint is this workout has no music, but the outdoor sounds are nice and I add my own music.

Sculpt Dynamics, 166, 20-38, Legs/Cardio
Sculpt Dynamics (more appropriately Cardio Dynamics) is a very, very jump heavy workout with some leg toning interspersed. A two DVD set, this workout is broken into several chapters, 18, 20, 28, 29, 33 minutes each and a very, very jumpy arm workout on the second disc that is 38 minutes. Exhaustively jumpy and there's a lot of freestyle cardio, definitely not a favorite but I do enjoy the jazzy music and when I do rarely put this one in, I can fly through about an hour and have fun doing it.

Born to Move 1.1, 63, 55, Legs
BTM 1.1 is the gold standard of Tonique leg work: this is a very, very intense leg workout. The leg circuit is very long and there's 25+ minutes spent on one leg before going to the other side. Lunges, lunges, more lunges, crouched over lunges, etc. There is some bonus cardio (plank cardio, pushups, etc.) which can be cut out to make the workout a little shorter, approximately 55 minutes.

Born to Move 1.2, 36, N/A, Legs/Cardio
A mix of cardio (jumping and plank cardio) and standing lunge work. Due to the long stretches of jumping, I found the workout MUCH more enjoyable when the jumping is done on a rebounder, while still getting a great lower body workout from the lunges along with plank cardio.

Born to Move 2, 52, 40, Legs
Intense leg work and a mix of cardio. It meanders a bit at the beginning with a long squat set, then a long side lunge/back lunge set on each side, before getting to what I would consider the meat of the workout, an intense leg circuit performed on each side with lots of lunges, crouched over lunges, plank leg switches into a standing kick, and at the end, a tough donkey kick and bridge into a plank jump back type exercise. Finish with some freestyle happy dancing. One of my favorite workouts...BTM was my first ever Tonique DVD and this is my favorite but BTM 1.1 and 1.2 are also very good. This ranks easier than 1.1 due to length and intensity but harder than 1.2 due to length. Sometimes I cut out the long squat set at the beginning and you can shave some time down to roughly 40 minutes.

Energy Mat, 64, 34/30, Mat
This workout is all mat work and has a natural breaking point at about 34 minutes, the entire first 34 minutes is all table work with some plank cardio to break up the exercises. The rest of the workout alternates between tough bridge work and more plank cardio, as well as abs. This is a really fun workout that I like to take with me on travel since it takes little room and needs no equipment, even shoes.

Energy Stretch, 25, N/A, Mat
A bit of a misnomer, more of a mini Energy Mat than a true stretch workout. The exercises vary from Energy Mat, there are some lunges on the knees (reminds me of TA), lots of abs, and other dynamic mat work. Itís really a good workout in itself, less intense than Energy Mat but definitely not a stretch workout, and will make you sweat and get your heart rate up!

Addicted to Movement, 80, *, Legs/Cardio
A mix of everything, standing, plank, mat, lots of cardio (squat thrusts, plank cardio). She switches sides frequently so it's very easy to shorten. A natural break for me is 35/45. Her outfit is notably adorable in this one! Filmed in the same studio as FF and both of these DVDs share the same bonuses (Sway, Verve, Express workout, interview with Sylwia).

Femme Fatale P1, 30, N/A, Legs
This workout is an awesome mix of squats, lunges, and a touch of plank work. Music is great, and itís short and sweet. A great leg intense workout.

Femme Fatale P 2.2, 44, N/A, Legs/Cardio/Abs
If you fast forward through most of Phase 2, the last 44-ish minutes starts on a fresh circuit and is a lot of burpee, plank, high impact, crouched lunges, and some core work. To me this sort of a sneak preview of Royale which came out the following year. It's still a lot of intense leg work but includes more cardio too. Itís a doable way to touch upon FF P2.

Femme Fatale P3, 40, N/A, Legs
The DVD purchase is worth it for P1 and P3 alone (and P2 can be broken up). P3 is the best of the phases in my opinion. P3 is very leg intense with lots of lunges and handstands. The time flies by and I really like the music too. I did this workout repeatedly before she came out with the Hawaiis and newer workouts and never got tired of it.

Sway (ATM/FF DVDs), 10, N/A, Arms (Wall)/Cardio
A bonus mini workout on the ATM/FF DVDs, this is an awesome little workout. Sylwia alternates tough 'suspension' work (aka wall work) with your feet on the wall radiator with playful dancey cardio moves, set to fun music. My only complaint is that there's no cuing but I always add this one to FF/ATM. If I had it on download, I'd probably tack it on to all my workouts for the quick, fun, intense kick it gives. Sway is sort of the predecessor to the wall workouts that she incorporates a lot more into her later workouts as her method transforms.

Verve (ATM/FF DVDs), 7, N/A, Mat
A bonus mini workout on the ATM/FF DVDs, this is a fun little workout. Mostly abs and some arm intense exercises (she does that alternating bridge type move that I really like from BTM), it is a fast and intense 7 minutes. It is a good alternative add on to Sway which is more intense. Like Sway, there is no cuing but I always add it on when I am doing ATM/FF unless Sway wears me out.

Tonique Express: Cardio, 13, N/A, Cardio
Very Sculpt Dynamics-like with lots of jumping. It's actually a fun workout if I'm in the mood but only if I'm prepared for the jumping - it's basically 13 minutes of jumping. There's also a little plank cardio at the end with jumping and mountain climber intervals. I don't do this one often because of the neverending jumping.

Tonique Express: Cardio Sculpt 1, 17, N/A, Legs/Cardio
This express is very dynamic with with some standing lunge, plank, and table work and some jumping too. A good use of time and lots of variety!

Tonique Express: Cardio Sculpt 2, 23, N/A, Legs/Cardio
This one has lunges, crouched lunges, and some pushups. Despite the name itís actually more of a sculpt than cardio sculpt. Itís a great express workout.

Tonique Express: Sculpt 1, 16, N/A, Legs
This is more of a squat and kick focused workout which I donít like as much but it does have the "ready set goĒ move that I really like. It also shares the same good music as Sculpt 2.

Tonique Express: Sculpt 2, 19, N/A, Legs
My absolute favorite Express workout. There's a 4-exercise long leg circuit that takes up the first large portion of the workout, then some squat thrust type exercises and squats with the "sweep" legs. Also, I really like the music on this one. I like to pair this with a Youtube Beach Project Tonique for a 30-ish minute workout.

Youtube Beach Project-mat, 10, N/A, Mat
( Mostly table work and some thigh dancing type work. Good music.

Youtube Beach Project-stand 1, 10, N/A, Legs/Cardio ( My absolute favorite YT workout. There's lots of lunges and at the end, a tough donkey kick series. Awesome music!

Youtube Beach Project-stand 2, 15, N/A, Legs/Cardio ( Mostly squats but has some bent over lunges and side leg raises standing too. Good music too. Note: Sylwia has other YT workouts but some don't have music or are shorter. These three are the best ones IMO.

Transition to more total body work with traditional Tonique lunge work, but add downdog, pushups, the up/down exercise, more dynamic mat work. Phase out the endless jumping sequences that were present in some of the earlier workouts.

From now on most of the workouts are filmed outdoors and are released in series by location. Also, Sylwia really doesn't use weights anymore. Of course, you can still use weights (and she mentions that too).

The Hawaiis and Royale are the last workouts to be offered on DVD.

Hawaii: Electric Glow, 44, N/A, Arms (downdog)/TB/Mat
Almost entirely performed while in downdog or quadruped so the arms are worked the entire time. Of course the lower body is worked as well. There's only one or two exercises standing up. Itís tough! Some abs as well and a handstand exercise. Due to the limited variety, this isn't a favorite. It's intense though! Probably the hardest of the four 45 minute Hawaii workouts.

Hawaii: Euphoria, 46, 31/15, Legs
This is like an express BTM 1.1 with intense leg work. There is a good stopping point at the 31 minute mark when a huge circuit ends, then there's a shorter circuit that takes up the last 15 minutes. Filmed in a gorgeous fountain. I would rank it easier than EG due to not being on your arms the whole time but definitely harder than ER and POY. Thereís a bonus set of pushups with a downdog move at the very end. Filmed in a gorgeous reflective pool where you can see Sylwia above the water (her feet are in the water) and her reflection right below, and palm trees in the background and the ocean in the distance.

Hawaii: Everybody Rocks, 42, N/A, Total Body
Mostly a mat workout, there is downdog and table work with some side laying leg lifts and abs. Definitely an easier workout (for Tonique that is). Also, I think some of the Hawaiis have less than the 40+ reps per exercise which makes them a little more doable for beginners (to Tonique). This is the one filmed on the grass, probably the least stunning of the Hawaii sceneries but itís still nice.

Hawaii: Power of You, 40, N/A, Total Body
This is a really fun workout, a good mix of standing, up/down exercises (like a side lunge into a downdog leg lift), some side laying leg lifts into pushups, table, crouched lunges, and ends with a tough bridge series that gets me every time! Filmed in the same reflective fountain as Euphoria.

Hawaii: Beach Beautiful, 23, N/A, Legs
This is a good short workout with standard Hawaii era exercises, a lot of squats, downdog, the "ready set go" move from BTM, the lunge to a downdog leg raise (what Iím referring to as up/down move). My main complaint is no verbal cuing. I just don't do this one much because I just like a lot of her other express workouts better.

Similar to Hawaii era but with some added intensity, more handstands mixed with downdog, lots of pushups, more burpee and up/down style exercises and dynamic mat.

I feel like Sylwia tries out more exercises (variety, sequence, combination exercises, etc.) which makes the workouts seem more varied.

Tonique Royale, 99, 60, Total Body
Royale is the most challenging workout on this list (which excludes the 90+ minute workouts) and just slams you with high intensity arm work from downdog, pushups, burpees, even some tricep dips, and lunge sequences. It can be made shorter by repeating the first half hour (there's a good breaking point when Sylwia starts jumping up and down) and repeating, so a 60 minute workouts coined "Carb RoyaleĒ after fellow VFer! It's filmed on a lawn in front of a gorgeous palace, hence, Royale. This workout, even doing it in a shorter form, will give you an awesome feeling of accomplishment. An easier option but still with a Royale flair is Hamptons Express.

Hamptons Sunset Express, 25, N/A, Arms/TB
Feels like a mini Royale, with the first 8 minutes of intense arm work (downdog, planks, pushups, etc. very Royale-like) then 17 minutes of tough lunges and one arm burpees at the end. One of my absolute favorites. A very intense little workout. If you can push through those eight minutes, the rest of the workout is more doable, but hardly easy.

Costa Rica: Paradise, 63, N/A, Arms/TB
Absolutely gorgeous filming on a boat that is bobbing up and down while sheís working out! I think that's why there's not much standing work in this one (balance). Due to the angles that she is filmed at, and complex/compound moves, this can be a little hard to follow, and the reps seem very long due to the compound moves. There's not really an obvious breaking point to shorten the workout. It is very, very arm intense. I would say it rivals Royale in intensity (but still I'd say Royale is the toughest of this list). Itís a lot of crouched lunges, downdog, pushups, breakdance exercises (but very minimal compared to some of her later workouts), some abs, and impressively even a handstand exercise but it's mostly in a crouched position. This is my top pick of the Costa Rica series although Get Dirty is also really great.

Costa Rica: Get Dirty, 50, *, Legs
Sylwia changes sides often so it's easy to shorten the 50 minute workout down. After about 10 minutes of squats the rest was pretty much in downdog or quadruped position, or up and down moves like a kick to a side leg lift in quadruped (somewhat TA like). As promised, Sylwia does ďget dirty" in the dark volcanic sand by the end of the workout! This is a very fun workout and is a good choice for someone who may like the exercises in a Tonique exercise but not the huge circuits that burn out the muscles.

Tonique Classique, 63, 26/37, Legs
This is a sort of unusual, eccentric workout that is different than the rest. The music is provided by a pionist who is on screen, and Sylwia has noticably slower reps than in her other workouts. More fluid and dancy than her other workouts, sort of like Sculpt Dynamics but gentler and no jumping. Mostly standing lunges, some squats, downdog, table, handstands, etc. and towards the end some unusual mat work that requires a lot of space for rolling around. I loved the live music (which sounded gorgeous but not exactly fast paced exercise music and it wasnít really received well on VF) but disliked that there was no verbal cuing. I really enjoy this one though when I'm in the mood. The overall workout is long but not as intense as other Toniques, so easier to accomplish. In this case, I only break it down if needed due to a time constraint (not stamina).

Tonique Classique-cardio bonus, 14, N/A, Freestyle
First 10 minutes is with the live pianist, mostly freestyle dancing with rolling around on the floor mat work. The last 4 minutes are standard music and more jumpy. No verbal cuing. Recently I tacked on the first 26 minutes of Classique with the first 10 minutes of the bonus for a 36 minute workout, when I wanted a shorter workout, and thought it was very fun.

Spain: Madrid Express, 40, 27/13, Legs/Cardio then Arms (Wall)/TB
This workout is actually two very different routines. The first 27 minutes is an easier standing workout, primarily squat variations with some handstands and pushups. Then the last 13 minutes is filmed in the same vicinity but a different location and is wall work - but different from her other wall work where the wall/support is behind her, the wall is in front of her and she goes into a real handstand (not her usual mini handstand) onto the wall, so much harder and probably not feasible for the average home exerciser (including myself). It can be modified by having the wall behind you but it feels disjointed with how easy the first part is compared to how overly hard the last part is. For that reason this is probably one of my least favorite Tonique workouts.

Spain: Breeze, 52, N/A, Legs/TB
Very Hawaii like with a mix of standing and downdog exercises. Intended to be ďa breezeĒ this is a little easier than the standard Tonique and more on par with the Hawaiis, although I personally thought it was a notch harder than the Hawaiis, maybe due to length. There's not an obvious breaking point so you have to commit to the 52 minutes. Itís a good workout but if I want a Hawaii style workouts, I'm more inclined to just do a Hawaii workout. In other words I don't know how much variety this one really offers.

Spain: Whipped, 63, 40/23, Legs/TB/Cardio
This workout nicely splits into two shorter workouts - 40 minutes on standing (mostly squats) and downdog with some table - the workout is at least 50% in downdog and table but itís a lot of up and down, not long stretches of standing and then long stretches of downdog. The last 23 minutes focuses on burpees, abs, and bridge work, so more cardio and mat than standing. I really like this one - it is my favorite of the Spain series.

Spain: San Sebastian Part 1, 44, N/A, Legs/Cardio
Warm up then legs 20 minutes each side (no extra moves which makes it easy to follow). Lots of lunges, downdog, pushups, and the tough one leg burpee type exercise that is in Royale and some others. This is a shorter workout but I feel like the variety of exercises is tough, making this a good challenge. The only thing I didnít like is the workout being filmed in black and white.

Spain: San Sebastian Part 2, 36, N/A, Arms/TB
Compared to San Sebastian 1, this one felt like a much larger portion of the exercises were in downdog or the up/down move, making it more upper body intense (there were lunges too). Itís also filmed in black and white and because I prefer SS1, I donít do this one much.

Tonique Studio, 54, 36/18, Legs/TB
This workout is mostly lunges, downdog, some handstands, the lunges in plank (a la Costa Rica Paradise) and some breakdance exercises. The large circuit stops at 44 minutes and you can stop there, or continue for an extra 11 minutes of very breakdance intense work plus more standing lunges. Compared to her other workouts, the scenery in this one is very mediocre, a very plain room with a wooden wall behind her. She was in New York City and she said the industrial studio inspired her to make a clean, fast paced workout. It didnít seem like she executed the exercises any faster, or noticeably faster. But I did notice the music was faster paced (bpm) than her outer workouts, or it seemed to me - I liked it a lot! The workout flowed well, the music was good, and it was fun even if you cut out some of the breakdance exercises. Also, there is a separate 13 minute bonus workout that has a little jump roping and lots of wall work with real handstands (so facing the wall) like Madrid Express.

Tonique Get Free, 59, N/A, Legs/Arms (breakdance)
his is a no joke tough workout, not able to be broken down and a mix of lunges, downdog, handstands, and a healthy amount of breakdance exercises (more than I prefer but not overkill like some others). Iíd recommend this one to someone who wants a more intense workout. Itís a somewhat grainy video, probably her poorest in production of all her downloads (which I havenít found to be grainy at all), and sheís in a regular gym studio with a mirror wall on the left and a row of spin bikes behind her to the right. Sylwia does some different exercises on the second side and skips the one leg burped move on the second side so make sure to keep track and be even. Like Studio, the scenery is a bit of a deterrent when there's so much filmed in gorgeous, exotic locations. The music is fast and fun like Tonique Studio.

The Tonique style changes with incorporation of 'breakdance' exercise, even more handstands than before, seems like more squats than before, still includes plenty of traditional Tonique lunges and downdog but it feels like the countless pushups, the burpee and up/down exercises have phased out some. More wall exercises built into some of the workouts.

I feel like the music becomes more varied and interesting in this era.

Tonique The Box, 37, N/A, Mat/Arms (Wall)
This is a really good mat workout - primarily table work with wall work alternated, with some abs, side laying leg raises, and the alternate bridge reach exercise that I like from BTM. Until Empire Budapest Mat is released later, this was really a one of a kind Tonique due to the volume of wall workout interspersed through the entire workout. Sylwia wears the most fantastic bodysuit in this one that is striking against the all white background. She is literally working out in a big white box and can't stand up. It's a bicycle box apparently.

Japan: Kyoto Sunrise, 19, N/A, Legs/TB
Mostly downdog and crouched lunges then a squat series. This is a good quickie workout but I still prefer the Express, Youtube, and Hamptons Express for a short Tonique.

Japan: Onsen, 31, N/A, Arms/TB
Mostly spent in downdog, pushups, and the up/down move (side lunge to downdog with leg lift), this is an arm intense workout. Even though itís an express workout, the exercises are combined which makes the reps seem very long. Thereís also long sets of breakdance exercisesÖthis is the first Tonique workout I did that I decided there's a limit to how much breakdance Iím willing to do! Itís actually only one breakdance move on each side but it feels like the reps are endless. But, itís not as overkill as some other workouts. Filmed inside a pretty spa like area and Sylwia is barefoot.

Japan: Tokyo, 30, N/A, Legs/TB
More standing than Onsen, this is a mix of lunges, crouched lunges, downdog, pushups, and at the end, some wall work too. Filmed on a small balcony of a very high-rise building in Japan. My favorite of the Japan workouts for sure.

Infinity Anguilla 1, 39, N/A, Legs/TB
Mostly standing, there are lots of lunges and handstands, some squats, and downdog and up/down exercises, performed in one long circuit. I like this workout a lot but now that Iíve done all the Infinities, I donít think it contributes any significant variety. Itís like a shortened Infinity 2 with a little less variety. It may also remind me of Infinity 2 because they're filmed in the same location, a very pretty sidewalk sort of area with an infinity pool right behind her and the beachfront in the distance. Different outfits though, a cute printed high brief bikini in this one and a vibrant green bikini in I2.

Infinity Anguilla 2, 58, 18/40, Legs/TB
Mostly squats and downdog in the first 18 minutes, then you can start at the 18 minute mark for a 40 minute workout that starts with some lunge variations, up/down move with pushups, handstands with pushups, (more pushups than a lot of workouts sheís produced recently), some cool table work with plank jumps, and a brief 2 minute wall work at the end. This one has probably the most variety of the Infinities.

Infinity Anguilla 3, 60, 20/40, Legs/TB
Like Infinity 2, this one starts with squats and downdog in the first 20 minutes then a longer circuit starts with lunges, crouched lunges, handstands, downdog, and wall work. The second most varied and fun of the Infinities. It is a straight 20 minute circuit before repeating the second side and the time flies by! The wall work was only two exercises on each side (so about 2-3 minutes) but really felt like it added variety and liked that it was part of the overall circuit and not all at once at the end (like I2). She had the crouched backwards/forwards lunge that I recognized from Costa Rica Paradise. She finishes with a fun plank hopscotch move.

Infinity Anguilla 4, 60, 43, Arms (Breakdance)/TB
This one has a ton of breakdance moves - just over 25% of the workout is exercises that have the breakdance move in it. To make it more doable, I carved out the exercises with breakdance (15 minutes worth - about 7 minutes on each side-skip 17-23 and 40-50) and youíre left with a lunge and kick heavy workout. The breakdance exercises are grouped together so it's not overly tedious to skip over them. The leg workouts were good but I did feel they were less intense, so I want to try this one again with at least some of the breakdance since thatís where the real work is. The scenery in this one is especially nice, a large luxurious bed or bench hanging from an awning in the background with water on the side. I think Infinity 2 and 3 are the best of the series with the most variety, unless you really want to get your breakdance on.

Empire State of Mind: Prague 1, 62, 39, Arms/TB
The ultimate breakdance workout, with 23 minutes of exercises with break dances mixed with lunges, handstands, and pushupsÖ(23 minutes worth - 15-25 and 43-56 - thatís 36% of the workout). So with these removed, you are left with 39 minutes of very arm intense downdog, pushups, with some squats and lunges too. This is sort of like a Costa Rica Paradise feel, very arm intense even without the breakdance exercises.

Empire State of Mind: Prague 2 (Girls), 56, N/A, Legs
Intense leg work, like an updated BTM 1.1. Virtually all standing lunge work except for the up/down and one leg burpee moves mixed into the circuit. Very long circuit so this workout would be difficult to shorten. For the first time ever, Sylwia has a workout partner! Very gorgeous statues and murals in the background. Depending on workout preferences, this is probably the best of the Empire series. I didnít just LOVE any of them, in this era I prefer the Infinities and the newest roof workouts the best. But Prague 2 (Girls) and Budapest Mat (Spa) are the best.

Empire State of Mind: Vienna, 37, *, Legs
Sylwia switches sides frequently and it is mostly standing (lunges and squats), many handstands, and some downdog. This one can be confusing because she alternates facing the camera and facing away, but the circuits are short which makes it easier to keep track. Filmed first in front of a statue then moves to a cobblestone alley. Thereís nothing wrong with it but itís not one of my favorites, with the alternating positions on camera and the scenery change I guess.

Empire State of Mind: Budapest Mat (Spa), 33, N/A, Mat/Arms (Wall)
Feels like a mini Tonique Box workout that is all mat and wall work filmed in a contained area, not much shorter than Box but very similar structure and feels slightly less intense. Total body mat work - table, side leg raises, pushups, the thigh dancing side to side move that I remember from Energy Mat/Stretch, and the wall work is mixed throughout. Lovely spa setting. Definitely a winner.

Empire State of Mind: Budapest 37, N/A, Arms (Breakdance)/TB
This one has a fair amount of breakdancing (close to 10 minutes) making it not one of my favorites, but I really tried to allow myself breathers and less reps and made the workout still enjoyable while still doing all the breakdance. The breakdance is mixed with downdog, handstands, lots of squats and some lunges. I guess since itís a short workout you donít need too much stamina for other things. This one sticks out to me because Sylwia is actually wearing a sweater and it's raining. Sort of similar in length and content to Japan Onsen although that one has more lunges.

Tonique Rt27, 70, 33/37, Legs/TB
This workout breaks up very nicely at the 33 minute mark, creating two more moderate length workouts. Sylwia recommends in this one that Rt27 could be used alongside the Infinity series and it does have a lot of the same kinds of exercises in it as well as similar music. Even the pier setting reminds me of the Infinities. The first half has more lunges with downdog and the second half has a lot of standing lunges with touching the floor (sometimes I cheat a little and touch a yoga block so about three inches from the floor, but I do touch it each rep), then a lot of handstand and table work, that reminded me of Barcelona. Very little downdog in the second half. She ends with about 2 minutes of wall work. I really like how nicely this breaks up into two workouts and itís a great workout, but love the Infinites even more.

Hamptons Glow, 39, *, Arms (Wall)/Legs
This is an amazing workout. Sylwia alternates brief easier standing work (squats, lunges, freestyle dancing) with wall work. At least half the workout (or more) is spent on the wall. I love it! It is like a full length Sway workout. There are various leg lifts, lunging on the wall - both feet on the wall and youíre lunging/stepping down the wall, leg lift to a breakdance move, leg lift to a lunge, etc. On preview I thought it would be a lot harder but actually the wall work is very doable because Sylwia doesnít spend more than a couple of minutes at the wall, and as the workout progresses, she takes more breaks and has you rest your arms. Absolutely gorgeous setting with the sunshine outlining Sylwia on a beach next to a pier (pier support used as the 'wall'). When her legs are up in the air, it's so sunny that her feet appear to vanish into the sky. Definitely one of my favorites.

Tonique Seville Roof Mat, 74, 53/21, Legs/Mat
Easily broken up into two shorter workouts, the first 53 minutes is a dynamic mat workout. Seville is pretty different (and I think more intense) than Barcelona mat. After a brief squat warm up, this one was table work overload, some pushups, some downdog, side leg lifts, a semi-breakdance move mixed into a combination side leg lift/downdog left lift/pushup move, and a little abs and bridge work. This one is definitely more arm intense than Barcelona. She has this move where you do a table leg lift then push back into a sort of childís pose touching your arms to the mat, between every leg lift. It doesnít seem like a very strenuous exercise but it after endless reps of it (she adds it into several leg lift variations) it really made my arms shake! After the 53 minute mat workout, the workout moves to a slightly different setting (and brighter sunlight) and Sylwia stands for 21 minutes of mostly squats with kicks. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Tonique Barcelona Roof, 60, 45, Legs/Mat
Filmed on a rooftop with pretty scenery in the background, the workout is closer to an hour BUT I cut out all the exercises with the "breakdance" moves which shortens it to about 45 minutes. The breakdance exercises are clumped together so itís not too tedious to skip over it. It starts with some standing easier squats but most of the workout is very dynamic and interesting mat work. Lots of table work and handstands, and some bridge and abs too. Pretty unique stuff. Not too hard on the arms (i.e., not pushup heavy-in fact there may not have been any pushups) but there was tons of all fours work. Definitely a favorite! Different enough from Seville Roof to warrant getting both, IMO, especially if you choose to do all the breadance exercises.

Tonique Summer Vibes, 57, 44/13, Legs/Cardio
The first 44 minutes is comprised of a very long circuit with mostly squats and kicks, lots of handstands, and at the end of the long circuit, some laying side work with pushups and up to standing with a kick. This one can be stopped at the 44 minute mark since she starts a new very short circuit at the last 13 minutes. The last 13 minutes is more standing lunges. Really interesting background of a wooden thatch sort of wall in the back that you can see water through and the red then golden glow of a sunrise. This is a good workout but some of her other workouts (like the Infinities) have more variety.

Tonique Extra Curricular, 20, N/A, Arms (Wall)/Legs
This express workout is a longer version of Sway or a shorter version of Hamptons Glow. It is at least 50% wall work with some less intense standing moves (squat variations) to rest the arms in-between wall work. Unlike Hamptons Glow and Sway, some of the wall work in this one is facing away from the wall, by performing a full handstand at the wall instead of climbing up the wall facing the wall, which is easier to execute. Thereís also more up and down from the wall moves (like a wall climb into standing with a kick) than in Hamptons Glow or Sway, in which the standing and wall work arenít mixed. Very fun and intense workout - probably Sylwiaís hardest express workout. I would warn people to be careful about the hop off the wall because I flipped over the first time I tried it!! Make sure to be more 45 degrees from the wall instead of straight up and down which was my mistake.

* For these workouts, Sylwia changes sides frequently and the workout can be shortened in many places
N/A These workouts don't have a clear breaking point and should be done in entirety

Instructor Comments:
Sylwia is so uplifting and positive and gives encouraging messages during her workouts over voiceover (or you can choose to do her downloads to music only). She says "be confident" "surround yourself with things that make you happy and people that make you laugh" "you're beautiful and you're a Tonique woman" "I am passionate about my method and want to make you feel passionate and beautiful inside and out" and so forth.

Emily B.