10 Minute Trainer Set (3 Workouts)

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

I stumbled across this DVD at a used book sale. I'm not usually a big Beachbody/Tony Horton fan, but I've been interested in shorter workouts of late, and so I decided to give it a try. This is actually a follow-up to the original 10-Minute Trainer DVD, which included 5 workouts; I haven't tried that one.

The Main Menu lists the following options:

Total Body 2
Total Body 2 warm-up and cool-down
Core Cardio
Core Cardio warm-up and cool-down
Upper Body
Upper Body warm-up and cool-down
Band to Door Assembly Instructions
Play All

All of the workouts feature a band (tubing) that needs to be anchored to a heavy object or doorway; most tubing sets come with an anchoring mechanism. This equipment IS necessary for the routines and can't really be easily subbed. For the cardio workout, however, the band, which is used with a waist attachment, can be skipped.

The warm-up/cool-down sequences are the same for all workouts (including Play All, which is 42 minutes total). Both feature Tony alone, and both are just under 2 minutes. In the warm-up, he performs about one minute of gentle aerobic moves such as jogs, twists, knees up, and jacks, and then he continues with dynamic stretches including wide and side squats, lateral stretch, and down dog. Tony gradually winds down in the cool-down with flowing moves and additional stretches.

The format for each of the three main workouts is 10 moves, each performed for 1 minute. I have listed all the moves for each workout below.

TOTAL BODY II (11 minutes)
Tony alone
1) Lunge Press and Fly, 2) 3-Speed Row Boat 3) Lunge Flys, 4) 3x4 Curls, 5) 3x4 Throws (triceps), 6) Squat and Lunge, 7) Side Lunge Rotation, 8) 3-Part Ab Crunch, 9) Scissor Fly Crunch Combo, 10) Lunge-Kickback-Curl-Twist

CORE CARDIO (11:12 minutes)
Tony with Gretchen, who is using the band (Tony sometimes follows along without the band)
1) Crescent Press, 2) Oblique Hop Squat, 3) Towel Hop Squat, 4) The Bella Twist, 5) Twisting Sprinter, 6) Speed Skater, 7) Loading Dock, 8) Traveling Body Blows, 9) Arc Twist, 10) Reaching Skater

UPPER BODY (11:15 minutes)
Tony alone
1) 3x5 Chest Press, 2) Lunging Lawnmower, 3) 3-Level Shoulder Press, 4) Crazy Eights, 5) Wide Back/Throw Combo, 6) Incline/Decline Chest Press, 7) High/Low Lat Row, 8) Shoulder Fly/Press Combo, 9) Police Curls, 10) One Arm Tricep Extensions

Overall, I really liked these workouts. They are quite intense for the short period of time, yet at the same time, they are very doable. Tony is extremely goofy, but that keeps the routines lighthearted and fun. I would definitely recommend this DVD.

Instructor Comments:
I found Tony even goofier than usual here. When he is working out alone in particular, he is constantly making comments about his own performance--"look at how my biceps are pumped!"--but in a silly, not show-offy way. I like that he is encouraging yet keeps the mood light.

Beth C (aka toaster)