Body Revolution: Cardio 2

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is the cardio workout that accompanies Phase 2 of the three-phase Body Revolution program. Like Cardio 1, this is a no-equipment workout of drill-type cardio moves. Jillian leads the workout with a diverse cast - age, body type, gender, ethnicity - and she often focuses on one backgrounder to either lead the move or to show off their (great) form. There is generic upbeat electronic dance-y music in the background but it stays in the background. Only a couple of moves are coordinated with the music.

The format: one round of 16 exercises, each done for 30 seconds, then repeat the round two times. Total workout time is 28 minutes, plus there's a 3-minute cooldown/stretch. There is no warmup; you start with the first exercise and warm yourself up by increasing your effort/intensity/range of motion as the round progresses.

In order the exercises are:
1 - jump rope
2 - butt kicks
3 - high knees
4 - alternating knee strikes (I find this too torque-y on my knees since I exercise on carpet, so I face forward and twist my torso when doing the strike)
5 - jumping jacks
6 - fast feet
7 - skiers (keeping torso straight, jump to one side, then center, then other side, then center, like you're skiing moguls)
8 - skaters
9 - plie jumps
10 - cross jacks (jumping jacks with feet alternating in front, right and left, arms swinging open and closed on the jumps)
11 - upper cuts, lower body in mid-squat
12 - towel runs one way
13 - towel runs the other way
14 - cross/hooks, one arm
15 - cross/hooks, other arm
16 - burpees

There are more impact moves in this workout than in Cardio 1, but I didn't find it to be more intense at all, maybe because there are more breaks. I am dripping with sweat at the end of Cardio 1 but am pleasantly winded at the end of Cardio 2. Except for the burpees, the exercises are no more advanced in Phase 2 than Phase 1, so you could alternate the workouts to alleviate boredom if you're doing a Body Revolution rotation.

Instructor Comments:
Jillian cues moves clearly, demonstrates the first time through, then spends most of the workout encouraging her backgrounders or using them for form pointers and motivation. She does make a couple of body comments: the tall dark-haired backgrounder David is called something like "man candy", and she talks about fitting into skinny jeans. No swearing - she says "ass" and "having sex with the lights on" in other Body Revolution workouts, but we are spared that in this one. There is a LOT of her yelling "go!" in the backgrounders' faces.