Body Revolution: Phase 1 Workout 1

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is one of the starter workouts (Phase 1 of 3) for Jillian's three-month Body Revolution program. Jillian and a large cast of backgrounders do a 30-ish minute circuit workout focusing on chest, triceps, shoulders, quads and core. After a short dynamic warmup, there are four circuits of strength moves. The pattern is strength/one minute of cardio/repeat strength, then move on to the next circuit. Jillian and crew use lighter dumbbells (3-8 pounds) plus a mat but you can go way heavier on the dumbbells to increase intensity. The moves with weights are anywhere from 12-20 reps per set, so gauge your weights accordingly: there is no rep count because I think Jillian is going by the clock, so you can slow things down and go heavy if you choose. Music is good upbeat background stuff.

This workout is intermediate level but don't let that fool you; you will be well worked and sweaty by the end especially if you go heavy and push yourself on the cardio segments.

Best parts of this workout: time goes by fast. Jillian is encouraging. Moves are very easy to pick up; nothing dancy or fancy.

Downsides: warmup and stretch are short. You will definitely want a longer stretch or you will be sore the next day. There is a LOT of getting up and down from the floor in this workout, which I don't mind but someone with tetchy knees or ankles might get a bit tired of it.

Instructor Comments:
Jillian is very encouraging in this one. Her "push it!" motivational comments seem to come at the exact right time. She has fun teasing her backgrounders and the whole crew seems to enjoy both doing the workout and motivating you to keep up.