Resista-Barre Total Body Workout

Linda Wooldridge
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

This 95 minute workout contains four pre-mixes and is fully chaptered. You can play all, select a premix, or go straight to the section you want via the chapter menu. The workout contains a warm up & cool down as well. Linda works out alone in a studio gym. You will need a chair, a stretchy band, and a fitness loop for these workouts. Modifications come up on the screen for some exercises.

Cardio Legs: (11 min) Linda uses a resistance loop for all exercises in this segment. Exercises include: punch & side toe taps, abduction & punch downs, squat -abduct with rainbow arms, mambo front & back, 1/2 circle leg sweep & tap, mambo chasse, V step adding squats, heel digs, rear leg taps & raises, and side to side shifts. Linda uses big arm movements and the pace is quick so your HR stays up there!

Barre Legs: (23 min) Linda utilizes the loop for all exercises in this segment. Exercises include glute raise adding a forward hinge, glute raise pulses, side to side shifts, walking squats, side lunge adding abduction, attitude push backs, standing donkey kick series, standing ham curls, plies, walking plies, plie and inner thigh sweep, and standing hamstring extensions.

Upper Body: (21 min) Linda utilizes a resistance band for all of the exercises in this segment. Exercises include rows & pulses, chest press, arm scissors, overhead press, arm circle series, overhead pull down adding a torso twist, bi curl series, rotator cuff work, tri pulse backs, kickbacks, and bent row.

Glutes on the Mat: (15 min) You will use your resistance loop for all the exercises in this segment. Exercises include: prone position: leg raises adding press outs, single leg raises, side leg press outs, ham push ups, reverse donkey kicks, side lying L position pulses & sweeps and clam.

Abdominals: (11 min) Linda incorporates a resistance band into all of these exercises, behind your back, on your feet, or on your shins. Exercises include V sit double crunches with pushouts, leg extensions, side tap outs, diagonal push outs, toe drops, V sit & punch, sit ups adding rotation, and V twists.

I rate these high intermediate routines. I definitely felt the burn on all of these segments. TONS of variety, chapters, and premixes ensures I will get a ton of use out of this DVD. Great unique exercises. Linda provides excellent instruction & form reminders. I really enjoy Linda's instruction style and look forward to trying her other workouts. I received this DVD to review.