UFC Fit Ab Assassin

Mike Dolce
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core

The following is a review of UFC Fit Ab Assassin.

For more information on the UFC Fit system, Mike Dolce, the main menu, the exercisers, and the setting & music, please see my review for UFC Fit Power Punch.

Ab Assassin (23:42)

This workout focuses on the abdominals and core.

Equipment: a set of light dumbbells, a mat. Water and a towel are recommended.

Warm Up (2:00): deep breaths with overhead reach, twisting knees, alternating squat w/ knee up.

Main Workout (19:02)

The main workout is divided into 3 rounds. A round consists of 4 exercises that are repeated twice through. The second time through you are often doing the exercise on the other lead. Each exercise is for 30 seconds so itís however many repetitions you can complete in the allotted time.

Round 1: ab slam, Kimura crunch, jack knife, roll up.
Round 2: guard sit-up, outside ankle touch, plough leg lift, oblique slam.
Round 3: sit-up/dumbbell pass, kneeling oblique crunch, windshield wipers, oblique butterfly slam.

Stretch (2:40): supermans, laying overhead extension, cat/cow, cobra, childís pose.

Overall Impression: This was a great core workout without the usual crunches or sit ups. I really liked the MMA twist on all the moves. As presented by Mike Iíd say this is an intermediate to low advanced core workout. If following the modifier beginners will get a great workout too.

Instructor Comments:
Mike is a great instructor who does most of the workout right along with you. He is energetic without being over the top. His gravelly voice seems to fit him and his talk is about breathing, form, and trying your best. I admit Iím developing a Mike Dolce crush!

Sabine Reuter